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Hey guys I am new to this blogging and heard its a good way to help with certain issues.

I have had a very difficult time in recent weeks as my fiance split up with me and with her also being pregnant with my child its made it doubly difficult to adjust. I have alot of low moods, feel very anxious and have almost no energy. These few weeks have been the hardest of my life and moving forward feels very unlikely right now. I just felt that maybe writing down my feelings and emotions and maybe speaking to others it could help me. Anyone that wants to comment feel free.


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Hi Chris :)

Welcome to the site. I'm really sorry to hear about the difficult time you've been having, it can be really hard to handle low moods and anxiety at a tough time like you're currently experiencing and I can promise you that writing your feelings down on here can take a load off of your mind!

I joined this site about a month ago and have found it to be the most wonderful community of people - everyone here understands how it feels to suffer from anxiety and depression and it's such a lifeline to vent your problems among people who get what you're talking about :)

Just know that we're all here for you. I can't pretend to understand the exact situation you are in but I know how it feels to be low and to feel like everything you know has been turned upside down and it's with the kind messages from people on here that I've been able to get through tough times myself.

Best wishes,

Katy x


Thank you for your lovely comments katy. I think what seems good is that i can talk to people on here who know how i sort of feel. I feel everytime i speak to my friends or family that alls they seem to say is you will get better soon and that kinda stuff but not taking it as serious as it feels for me! Ive never felt like this and its not nice but its good to know theres people to talk to here. x


I know exactly what you mean, friends and family can be supportive but they can sometimes struggle to actually understand how much of an internal battle is going on for you. For years I've just been told to 'stop worrying' and 'pick myself up' which is tough when it feels impossible, it's good to recognise these symptoms for what they are and start getting help :)

I hope you find blogging helpful, everyone on here is so kind and have experienced very similar things to what you're going through. x


Yeah I think that they think they are being supportive by saying come on you will be fine and pick yourself up, when actually they don't realise how you feel inside! Not realising you feel empty inside and completely numb! But I feel that speaking on here could help :) x


Welcome chris

This site has a lot of real nice people and I have found it very helpful...I'm sure you will too



Thank you very much. Hope I can find it helpful too x


Welcome chris

Katy has really said it all . My experiences on here have like Katy says been a real support . Know that your not alone and together we are all beating this illness . Talk about your feelings , thoughts , and share what you manage to do or not do some days . Someone will be able to support you .

My heart goes out to you at this difficult time but as the old joke says how do you eat an elephant , one bite at a time the same goes here one step at a time . You have taken that first step but getting your feelings out .

Take care



Thank you very much for your kind comments Lou x



I understand your feeling and I just wish to give you a hope. Some years ago I wrote a fantasy story that talk about .... a butterfly. The following small part has been translated, sorry for any unclear part. I hope that it will make sense for you.


I calmed down but inside I was left with uncertainty.

I saw a butterfly flying and then I stopped looking. I suddenly remembered what Heracles told me: «with the butterfly you need to blink your eyes and start crying in order to ensure that your eyes don’t burn.

(...) After only one day a new butterfly that does not sing will be born. Your eye will not be forced to work hard. She will lean on your shoulder and you will be happy, because only love is going to be there». (...)

I started crying so much that I did not think even I could do it. The butterfly was leaning on the railing and I turned to her, «I know that it seems strange but I only would like to apologise. You might ask why. Well, just because I could have made you happy and I did not. I do apologise for that».

The butterfly flew away and I continued to cry until the salt in my tears was finished.

(...) I went back at the helm and veered to the right to thirty degrees: that was supposed to be the right route for the harbour of the unnamed island. (...)


Thank you for your support


Hi Chriss

Welcome to one of the most supportive sites you will find many people here feel and understand the problems you are going through. We will try and give you advice although we are not professionals in the field but we know the circle we have become trapped in.

We sit and try to explain to family what we are feeling but until (God forbid) they ever walk in our shoes they cannot understand. They support us but its not the answers we always like to hear.

Anxiety burns all the energy we have and leaves us totally exhausted.

I am sorry about you splitting up and obviously this does not help especially when you are trying to overcome many other problems.

Rome was not built in a day so please do not be hard on yourself take baby steps and you will find that with each day that passes you will become a little better and stronger and issues will become much clearer.

Keep blogging and i wish you all the best.


Love Seyi xxx


Thankyou very much for your support xx


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