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Feeling like the floor is sinking or dropping

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I’ve had these horrible episodes feeling like the floor is sinking almost all day and I’m terrified and I already got blood test done and said it was normal but I still feel like every time I walk the floor is sinking or I’m stepping on a soft surface. Help please!!!

so tell if you can relate and did it go away? And how?

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Hi queenforever, I did experience the same phenomena and want youto know that it did go away in time. When we suffer with anxiety everything

in our body is off. Starting with our breathing, our way of thinking, our fear begets fear,

trying to fight the feeling of terror which does nothing but keep us in a state of

fight or flight response.

This unreality feeling that the earth is moving under your feet is way of showing

you that your life is out of control. Issues in your life need to be addressed.

Medication can break that fear cycle as well as therapy to help address the anxiety.

I started with both of those but still needed more. I needed to learn to accept anxiety

for what it was. A negative thought that was fed by my fears. Beyond that came the

physical symptoms. Once I learned not to fight the fear, to breathe properly and to

meditate, my mind/body connection came together for the good.

I stood taller, feared less and as I did the symptoms slowly disappeared.

I'd like to Welcome you to this safe and caring forum. As we share our life journey

you will see that you are not alone. You will learn from one another and together

we will become stronger and more confident. :) xx

Omg thank you so much I’ve been worrying about this symptom a lot and because I never really thought it could be anxiety, it’s not spoken enough. I got other symptoms too which I think is also because of anxiety, your comment gives me a piece of mind. Thanks a lot. May I ask for how long did you have this symptom?

It lasted awhile, I don't remember how long because as you might knowwith anxiety, one goes away only to be replaced by yet another physical symptom.

Ironically though, once you learn to accept anxiety as not harmful, the symptoms

slowly fade away.

Anxiety likes the game it plays with our mind. But games are meant to be won

and with our help and support, you too will win over anxiety and take control

once more of your life. :) xx

Okay thank you so much for your comment it gave me relief


I had the exact same feeling a few years back. I felt like I was on a boat or something like sinking into the ground with every step I took. It terrified me and I was ill with worry for months googling and thinking that I had some sort of deathly disease. I became obsessed with googling every little symptom like twitching, the off balance feeling, ended up with numbness and tingling in parts or my body. One symptom lead to another and I thought no way can this be anxiety. The off balance/sinking into the ground feeling was the worst. I was told it was anxiety, had blood tests etc as well and everything was fine. I had to eventually just say to myself "if its anxiety then good I can do things to make it better and if its not then ohwell - ive had enough now. Whatevers going on it can do one" I ended up angry inside at how much it had controlled me for months. Rather than being afraid to walk because of this feeling I ended up with a march in my step and thinking "come on then!" Once I stopped fearing it the feelings got less and less. It was the most worrying emotional time of my life and I did need counselling and 50mg of sertraline to get me back on my feet and get my mood back in order. I am now feeling a bit off again which is why I have come back on today. I dont have the off balance feeling but just have the dreaded feeling inside and cant shift it at all. I came across your post and wanted to just let you know that you will be fine if you just do what you can to manage this. It is anxiety and it will go away. It might take time but you will be fine.

Thank you so much for your comment, I don’t know if it happened to you but after this symptom of the floor my body started to ache out of nowhere which is really scary cause I can’t tell if it’s anxiety, did you have other symptoms after this?

.very wise advice been there and worn the tee-shirt and still here to tell the tale . .accept it and it loses it power .horrible as it is it won't harm you .take care

Yes, this is exactly what happened to me.. my legs were jittery I felt like i couldn’t control then most days and they ached so much. Walking up stairs was so difficult and made me worry more. Go on to anxiety centre and click on physical symptoms of anxiety. You will see your symptoms listed here. Also type in things like “stress response in body, constant state of fight or flight mode” basically your body has ended up in a constant state of stress. Normally your body produces adrenaline when you are in a scary situation and then it will calm down and go away when the situation is over. Yours isnt because maybe the stress or anxiety has built up and up without being dealt with. Your body is stuck in a state of fight or flight. Your muscles are tensing up etc without you even realising.. Google adrenaline and cortisol also.. these are all the things i researched when I felt this way. Its easier to get better if you fully understand whats actualky going on inside your body to cause these physical symptoms! Let me know how you get on. Also epsom salts - half a pack in my bath and listening to Claire Weeks audio book really helped me with the muscle aches and tension. I had the aches for a good few weeks. Your body needs rest - just focus on getting better and out into the fresh air etc and try to think positive and stop being scared of this feeling. Xx

Thank you so much for commenting I panic for pretty much everything but I think is because anxiety made me this way, I will definitely keep you posted on my journey😊 I really appreciate it

Oh yeah. I’ve had that. I sometimes could see the floor moving when my anxiety was the most out of control.

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