Chest pain and sinking feeling


First of all i must say that I was seen by my doctor, I have been blood tested, i have had numerous ecgs and xray.. At the a&e they send me back home, saying that I am perfectly healthy. Yesterday I had chest pain going to my arm and jaw, and since a few days i get this terrible sinking feeling like my blood pressure got too low or I am just about to faint and I get that out of nowhere. I feel disoriented when I am outside, I am afraid to be alone...could this be really only anxiety? Is anyone else suffring this feeling of sinking or fainting?


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  • Yes that completely sounds like anxiety! We are notorious for not excepting a Drs diagnosis and we fight any news that we are ok! Trust that you've had the right tests, they are clear, sit back and do some deep breathing while repeating "I am healthy! I am ok!" Even if you don't believe it at first just keep saying it! I feel disoriented all the time and afraid to be alone. It's just dumb old anxiety! Push back at it!

  • Totally know that exact feeling, the horrible sinking feeling!! It's nasty and yes it is exactly the Mr Anxiety. I used to think this can't be right, something must be causing it. Am a but further down the road and although it's been a battle I can honestly things like Joyce Meyer on you tube has been great for me. My worry was that no medicine can take this away but honestly for me I can say I dreaded everything about outside in the end, got on my knees and really prayed as I could not bare this anymore. I started reading n looking up things like. Steven brave and whatever whatever, both great to listen to. Will it ever end..yes it will. I can honestly say you describe it exactly as I did but now I no longer feel alone to face it x slowly he dies off Mr Anxiety but we need to learn to not feed him. Try sticking to the positives in ur life , Joyce positive , here if u need to talk x

  • you sound like i feel i feel sorry for you no one understands how powerful the mind is it can be your worst enemy hold on and try to ignore negative thoughts you will improve god bless you

  • I had the same problem a few months ago. I would go to the ER almost 2 time a week I had 17 ekg's 12 chest x-rays 1 cat scan numerous blood test all due to having chest pains arm pains and jaw pains I was so afraid of being alone I was so scared to have a heart attack and all my Drs would say no a 16 year old doesn't have a heart attack but now I know it was just my anxiety that was killing me

    I hope you feel better

  • Yes it can. Anxiety is dreadful.xx

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