Sinking into the floor feeling?

For 11 weeks I've been suffering from heavy thighs and like the ground moves as I was like I'm bouncing on a trampoline. My gp did tests and bloods, all normal. He saw me twice and said as I'd been under a lot of stress it was high anxiety and stress. It eased a little over christmas but in the last 2 weeks it's back again. But also what's scaring me is when I walk I feel so heavy all over my body and like I'm sinking into the ground. It terrified me and I have to lie down.

I am suffering from high anxiety since recent stress with my son being ill but he's fine now. I'm just scared of these symptoms and as a result I rarely go out and even get anxious walking around my house. It's been a horrible 11 weeks.

Last night I went downstairs to make a drink before getting in bed and I felt heavy all over and like I was sinking or falling into the ground. I panicked I'd collapse. I'm terrified of collapsing and ending up in hospital because of my agoraphobia.

Can anxiety cause this sinking feeling? Can anyone relate?

Thank you.



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  • I used to get this a lot, it's really scary, I get all kind of symptoms, this one makes me feel like I'm going to collapse, like you said. I've just dropped my kids off at school, and I felt like that then, I hurried as quick as I can back home. I don't go out much either, are you seeing a therapist? X

  • It'd so scary. I have the sinking and the ground moving every day.

    I have come home upset. I dropped my daughter off at school and when I stood up out of the car I felt all dizzy and shaky infront of all those people and I panicked I'd faint feeling dizzy so I watched her cross and walk herself through the gate. Shes 10. I have come home feeling a terrible mother😢

    No I saw one last year and it helped my intrusives but I doubt she would be helpful with this as she mainly focused on OCD and intrusives. I mentioned these symptoms to her before Christmas and we spent the session spinning around in circles making me bring on the dizziness. Urm no thanks lol. I paid £60 for that 😂

  • I've had these and other feelings for about 15 years now. Initially it was caused by the stress of losing my job, & since the first attack when I thought I was having a stroke, the symptoms come & go with varying severity.ive had all the tests under the sun & all have come back normal. Its difficult to imagine that these physical feelings can be caused by anxiety, but it always happens when I become worried or stressed.Diazepam worked for a while but is highly addictive, & is only effective for a short period of time. I've found that trying to keep active physically & mentally helps, although as sufferers know the last thing you feel like doing is going for a walk, however I try to push myself, and usually at the end feel better for it. Anxiety is a very difficult condition to explain to others, particularly the crushing physical feelings.i think it's important to focus on the good things & when you have these awful feelings keep telling yourself to be calm & roll with it.

    Sorry for the rambling, hope this helps

  • I too have been agoraphobic for close to 6 years now. This past year I have been pushing myself to go out when I need to otherwise I stay home. That doesn't mean that the symptoms I experience outside don't happen in my home. They do. The heavy feeling, the feeling like I might pass out when I get out of my car to go grocery shopping. I'm aware of every step I take because each step feels like I am wearing

    leaded boots. The sinking feeling and floor moving are there in the store. It is so nerve wracking. I'm exhausted before I even get started. When my foster daughter was in elementary school, I found a home 4 houses from the school so that I could

    stand out in front of the house and watch her go to and from the school. It's not only

    the fear of collapsing but doing it in front of people and feeling foolish.

    So I guess what I'm saying is "YES" I can relate.

  • I feel the same. I can't even cross my daughter across the road to school right now because when i stand up I feel weak and fear I will faint. I actually go all dizzy in my head 😢

    I feel useless like this right now.

    Do you ever get the weak heavy legs and trampoline feeling at home? That's why I'm scared as it's even when at home.

  • Yes I do get that feeling at home. Then it's a different kind of scared.

    When out, I fear causing attention and looking foolish should I faint. (which I never have) At home, it's what if I can't get to the phone, how long before someone would find me. It's all crazy thoughts when feeling this way. I have though of purchasing one of those buttons around my neck but then I will be giving into my fear. I even have stopped carrying my cell phone in my apron pocket. I truly understand your fears.

  • Is it normal to feel this way? is it just anxiety?

  • I'm getting exactly the same thing right now. It's so hard to describe to other people, even those who love you. Tonight, after driving for four hours to get to my sister's birthday gathering (two hours there and two hours back, but driving is cathartic to me and I really do enjoy it) I was with my son and as soon as we arrived, I pulled up and I got out of the car. I immediately felt that same old crappy rushing, wooshing onset of feeling unable to cross the road and walk in (20 metres max). To my own family's gathering ffs. I got back in the car and had to send my son in on his own with the birthday card and ask him to tell my GF to come out to the car. I am absolutely furious that this is happening to me but nothing I do seems to help.

    As soon as that slightly 'not right' feeling happens, I then think I'm going to collapse, and worse still, in front of people. It's that last bit which in hindsight makes me realise that it's Anxiety (with the big capital A), but it's so tough to deal with.

    I'm going to my Doc asap to bring this up again (not the first time but only given some websites and leaflets to read which didn't help).

    Just wondering if anyone has overcome this terrifying situation, and whether it was meds / CBT / counselling that helped you?

    Note: I had my first Anxiety Attack aged about 15 and it was completely out of the blue. I've probably had them ever since, but have been able to 'manage' most of them until fairly recently

  • Yup it's sucks

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