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my anxiety has been completely debilitating and i’ve gone to a neurologist, cardiologist, endless hospital trips, and i’m seeing a pulmonologist next week. so far, everything is just anxiety which is a good thing it’s not a serious medical condition. i experience these symptoms everyday and it’s so exhausting :(( do you guys deal with these? i did get my covid shot (1st) almost 2 weeks ago but i’ve been dealing with these symptoms for a long time :( i am so exhausted and feel so hopeless

-shortness of breath

-chest pain/ chest pressure/chest tightness/ chest “soreness”

-heart aches/sharp pains in heart/heart palpitations

-lump in throat/feeling like you can’t swallow

-numbness/tingly in limps

-lightheaded/dizziness/ tingly in head/ cold feeling in head/ head zaps

-muscle twitches

-constantly tired and so weak

-derealization or dissociation/ depersonalization


-heavy feeling in arms

thank you guys i appreciate it so much❤️

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Hi lavaender212, I totally understand and have felt all the symptoms you described.

I had what I called "my team" of doctors (specialists from every dept) I had CT scans,

MRIs, X-rays and lab tests, all proving negative to a medical issue but positive for Anxiety.

What should have made me happy, didn't. In some bizarre way I almost wished they would

find something they could remove, I could heal from and go on with my life.

Telling us it's anxiety, just makes us feel doomed in living like this forever.

But I did find after years of begging and pleading to doctors to help me, that there are

ways to attack Anxiety. Acceptance that it is not a life threatening condition as well as

medication with therapy. Working on our stress triggers in life can reduce the constant

fight or flight feeling which in turn produces high levels of adrenaline.

There are so many things to say and do but we must believe that we can overcome our issues. Once we believe in that, the next thing is to actively go forward.

I'm glad you are here with us...Together we will help you take that first most important step :) xx

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lavender212 in reply to Agora1

thank you soso much. for the past few weeks i have had such a hard time believing that i can even heal from anxiety because of how bad it’s gotten. i was believing that this was it and that this is who i’ll be for the rest of my life. i just wanted to give up.

i greatly appreciate your comment thank you so much. i’m so glad to be apart of this group with you guys you all make me feel so safe and normal knowing i’m not the only one going through this❤️

I had SEVERE GAD a few years ago. Had everything on your list and more. At some point ... I just had to quit going to the doctor's. The meds weren't working .... some made it worse. The tests all came back 'normal'.

My brother had anxiety, too. He was on the doctor merry-go-round. He said it was taking all his time and causing him stress, too. So he quit ... and feels much better now.

Did you ever notice how doctors operate on fear. They tell you .... well, we have to test ... it could be this disease .... or it could be this chronic debilitating syndrome .... then, after we do all this time consuming, expensive testing, then we can eliminate everything and tell you it's anxiety.

From the looks of it ... it's time you face up to the fact you have anxiety and learn to resolve it yourself, like I did. I had the worst case possible, if I can heal it with natural therapies, lifestyle changes, and supplements, then you can, too.

I'll send you tips that I used to help heal me. It doesn't happen immediately, but over the weeks and months you will begin to heal. You've been dealing with this paper tiger too long.

How did you do it pls

thank you so much. this means so much to me. i would love for you to send me tips that worked for you please!

your reply gave me hope for healing. i have lost so much hope these past 2 years and thought that i would just live like this forever.

There are some very good videos on YouTube so have a look.

Yes totally

Ye I’m same love wake up shaking every morning fast heart some times can last most of the day exhausted really weak and funny head been on sertraline 6 weeks just hope it works soon xx

i am so sorry you experience this too. it truly is exhausting. i really hope sertraline works for you. we can get through this❤️

Thankyou love hope you feel better soon carole xx

What have you been prescribed so far? It sounds like panic attacks that are treated with benzodiazepines.

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lavender212 in reply to jonghee

i have not been prescribed with anything yet. i am visiting a psychiatrist on the 28th. i do get panic attacks but not as often. these are just daily symptoms that i experience

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jonghee in reply to lavender212

Well I wish you the best for your doctor's visit. It sounds like general anxiety/panic disorder to me, which I've suffered from. There a lots of treatments available, so I hope you get well soon. Take care and stay safe.

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lavender212 in reply to jonghee

thank you so much i really appreciate it❤️

Just another to reinforce your assurance here. I too have felt all the same symptoms. Bad enough that I considered ending it all. However, Claire Weekes self help book, people here and self determination has, at the moment, eradicated anxiety for me.I'm currently awaiting a CT scan result, but I already know it will be all clear. Like agora said, I kinda hope they find something I can work with but I know they won't. Thankfully, since the CT scan was originally planned, I've feel like I've dealt with the anxiety and the other problems seem to have disappeared.

Keep going, keep fighting, and keep learning. It can be dealt with.

thank you so much.❤️ hearing you and everyone else who experiences symptoms like me make me feel safe to know that i’m not alone. i get so many depressive episodes from my anxiety and these past 2 weeks have been so exhausting. i will definitely look into the book you suggested. i am desperate at this point

Why you had a ct scan love xx

Sorry for the late reply, it was an abdomen scan due to my ongoing problems down there. However, it seems that since my years of anxiety has finally, hopefully, come to an end, so have my other problems.

Anxiety can do SO much damage, but, as I'll always remind people, it can be dealt with!

Thanks love xx

lavender, that's quite the list of anxiety symptoms you're experiencing. Do you do breathing exercises, muscles tebtion/relaxation exercises, visualization, etc.? Those help me a lot when I'm anxious....hope you're feeling better by the time you read this.

i do breathing and relaxation exercises. however i need to stay consistent with them. i get so drained and exhausted from my symptoms that i feel like doing nothing but i need to push harder. i have not tried the others you mentioned but i will definitely try those. thank you so much

It's hard to stay consistent with the breathing exercises. For me, whenever I feel a lot of anxiety, I just breath very slowly through my nose and exhale slowly through my mouth. The muscles tension relaxation involves tensing my muscles slightly and then relaxing them. I seem to recall you play the violin or am I mistaken? I play the violin. I'm not great at it....but it does help me relax. I listen to classical music and that helps my anxiety a lot.

yes i do play the violin and that’s so cool i love listening to classical music too! it is one of the things i do to help me relax. i will check out youtube for a breathing exercise sessions to see if that can help also.

There's a You Tube called "Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Simple Breathing Techniques". There are also lots of You Tubes on muscle tension relaxation. As to music, I'm a Bach lover. I even play the A minor violin concerto ...I'm not very good but it does make me feel good. I also love blues violin. ...hope you have a relaxful day.

I am looking up the video now thank you so much. also, i am a Bach lover too. Bach and Vivaldi have always been my favorite. i also love Chopin even though he is a pianist composer. Nocturne no. 20 in C sharp minor arranged for violin is so beautiful and heartwarming.

Thanks I'll look up the nocturne.

Hi I feel like I wrote your post out lol. I have been feeling like this since june 2019 and I've seen cardiologists neurological docs falls and syncope clinics the lot and apart from I was diagnosed with POTS everything including the trigger for pots have been anxiety. I suffer with constant pins and needles tremors headache dizzy spells light-headedness nausea but never being sick leg cramps heart palpitations skipped beats tachycardia chest pain shakyness shortness of breath weakness literally everything you have said and this is a daily basis... not one day In two years has gone by where I havnt had one of those things xx

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lavender212 in reply to Sapgirl

i have never heard of POTS before. I am pretty sure if I had it one is the doctors i went to would have found it hopefully. i also did blood work about a month ago and everything was normal. Maybe i should talk to my doctor about that? thank you so much for sharing❤️

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Sapgirl in reply to lavender212

Aw all my bloods and echo? ECG etc were normal too... in the end I paid private and had a tilt table test... if you Google it it will give more details but to be honest the majority of my symptoms are Purley anxiety based.... it kills me it literally ruins my day to the point I'm scared to do things knowing I'm guna have these symptoms. So it's nice to hear there is someone else out there the same. Although not nice for u lol but u know what I mean lol. Hope your not suffering to much x

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lavender212 in reply to Sapgirl

I will follow up with my doctor on POTS to see if I can get tested just to be on the safe side. I was recently diagnosed with Exercise Induced Asthma. I have had so much difficulty exercising the past 10 months i’d get so dizzy and lightheaded and i can’t breathe. and was a regular athlete. so it will be good to weigh out all of my options to know if i have it. thank you so much this really helped me❤️ i really hope things start to get better for you. no one deserves to go through this.

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Sapgirl in reply to lavender212

I'm exactly the same it's so awful isn't it. I used to love football and the gym and now i barley run up the stairs or my heart has loads of skipped beats and I get lightheaded and laboured breathing... then the weight came 🙈 I would definitely do a little research. It won't do any harm. Hope you find the answer you need x

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lavender212 in reply to Sapgirl

thank you so much

So sorry you're going through this. You're not alone.

I've been using the Calm app to help me when anxiety rears its ugly head. I hate waking up with palpitations or heavy chest feeling. All the doctor appointments and tests show everything as "normal" but it doesn't feel like I'm normal.

yes that is so true it never feels normal because is how intense the feelings are. I am downloading the calm app now thank you so much i really appreciate it.

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