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Health anxiety back again. Muscle twitching causing anxiety

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I have been having muscle twitches for a while and it has caused my health anxiety to surface. I am worried it may be ALS

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Muscle twitching and tingling is very very common in anxiety. A book called hope and help for your nerves by Dr Claire weeks help me out of my health anxiety you can get it on Amazon for about $10.

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Thanks for replying. The problem is the more you dwell on it the worse it becomes. You go round in circles

I get that a lot as well I think it’s because our nerves are over stimulated with adrenaline and I think that’s why it happens

I’ve had twitches since 2007. They so diminish over time when you stop worrying and focusing on them every second of the day like I was doing. I also was convinced I had ALS or MS. Look up Benign Fasticulation Syndrome. Very common with anxiety.

Yes...muscle a real sign you are low in magnesium....the muscles fibres use two minerals...calcium to contract...magnesium to relax...and for what its worth....anxiety uses up magnesium quicker than calcium.You only have to try this a few feel a real difference to all these changing symptoms you seem to be having.Good Luck with whatever you decide.

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Just bought some. Thank you

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Okay cool...let us know how you get are not alone..we listen and support.

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