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Health Anxiety - Again!!

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I’ve been suffering quite a bit recently with my health anxiety, namely chest discomfort & worrying myself sick that my heart is about to pack up on me!!

Everyday I’m getting a twinge here & twinge there in my chest & straight away I start panicking about it, checking my pulse & my blood pressure!!

I know, deep down, that it is the anxiety giving me the symptoms but I’m really struggling to stay on top of it, as it’s getting harder to reassure myself.

I’ve spoken with my GP & they’re sending me for some counselling & doing all the usual tests but, it just seems a lot more difficult to cope recently!!

Sorry folks, just needed to vent it somewhere I suppose!!

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I fully understand the feeling (first hand), but you need to force yourself over that hill so you can coast down the other side. You know in your conscious mind that it's nothing, but your fight or flight is kicking in anyway. That's literally all that is happening. Use the understanding to train yourself in your reactions to stimuli. You just need practice, nothing more. I promise.

I am the same but it's bowel related with me with nausea panick keep going hot with the anxiety. I know theres nothing wrong but my mind is telling me there is and makes me go on Dr Google I can't stand It. My gp says it's my ibs flaring up

I have the stomach issue to!! Indigestion, stomach cramping, then the pain moves in to my upper abdomen & chest... Thing is, as the GP said, the anxiety upsets the stomach which in turn increases the stomach acid that causes the indigestion & reflux which adds to the pain in the chest, it’s a horrible viscous circle!!

As I say, I know it’s the anxiety but then you start questioning yourself, I hate it!!

I know I get cramping and pain on my lower right and where my belly button is which my mind says it's appendicitis I been to urgent care about 9 times with the same problem. Been checked for masses blockages then when the nurse presses on the problem area I pass wind it's embarrassing but every time it happens keep thinking the worst

This is the place to vent! I hate the worry as it goes around and around in my head! Hope you can get some help soon!

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