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Health anxiety back!!

Hi,having a bad night,feel it welling up inside my chest ,the feeling of dread. Tonight I thought I felt lump and got all worked up and asked hubby to feel and he said its just bits under skin I've got them and preceded to let e feel but still don't believe him,so here I am on the merry go round again ,thinking I've got cancer. It gets so depressing ,I have been fine for about a month ,the longest for a long time,and back to square one,you just wonder if its worth it ,to go through the rest of my life being like this,sorry for the rant but as you can tell feeling really low tonight x

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Honestly don't stress. I got a stitch feeling in tummy the other day so I prodded my tummy loads and I found a TINY little lump and I've prodde sooo much that now it hurts to touch. I then got worked up about it but I saw a dr about my heart AGAIN... And try said just stop prodding it that's only reason my tummy hurts. It will probably be fatty lumps you get them everywhere xxx


Hi,thanks,but you know the feeling ,you just keep feeling and feeling and you make yourself worse,grrrrr why do we put ourselves through this,but you can't shut the thoughts out,even after 12 months of counciling ,and cbt,and still can't get rid of it. I hope your ok? Xx



Yes it is worth keep going , you have gone a month thats brilliant & now a little set back through something that has made you feel fearful , which is normal

I found a lump , or what I thought was one on the side of my face near my ear , sort of in that area , was just like you , thought of cancer , had my hubby feeling it , as well as me never keeping my fingers of , every time I was touching I felt it was bigger & so on , anyway to cut this down , its gone back to normal , but I am just like you find something & it has to be the worse

It will go down & if hubby says it looks normal I would believe him , if after the weekend you are still worried , then see GP , just to put your mind at ease , try not to keep touching , you will feel its bigger than what it is & will irritate your skin , every time I wanted to touch mine ,, I would say "no I will leave it for an hour & then another hour " as soon as I left it alone it went down





Thanks,it's had to stop feeling,and poor hubby has the patience of a saint,and I've been told to stop asking for reassurance as it makes it worse,but it's so hard .xx


Oh gosh I'm with you on this one. Prodding, poking and feeling - what a game.

Every time I have a shave I'm poking all round my neck. Have a shower and prodding everywhere when I towel-off.............

Just like you, if I find something which worries me I keep at it hour after hour, my fingers never stopping feeling and squeezing until it feels the size of a mountain and is badly bruised!

Wouldn't it be lovely to be 'normal'!


Hi, I know wouldn't it just, xx


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