To anyone who needs help

I know most posts here are about experiences with mental health, how your day went, questions that were left unanswered and you were searching for the an answer that would give you even just a glimpse of what comfort and hope would feel like. Well, I've been there. And there's a reason i left my old posts up. To show people what I was going through when they couldn't see it. To ensure that other people aren't alone. So, as someone with experience, my messages are open to anyone who desires or needs help. I may not always be the best help or give you the right answers, but I can guarantee I will try. I don’t wish for someone to go through what i did, which was a time where i felt completely alone. And that there was nothing good in this world for me. Day by day this would just get worse, my anxiety level would rise abruptly for no reason, or maybe there was. Maybe it was the fear of being alone like this forever. I don’t know, but I want to help someone. I want to give someone the help i never got, so if you need anything, you can always message me. Stay strong xx


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6 Replies

  • Hello

    I am so pleased you have got through your anxiety and are now in a better place , I hope it long continues :-)

    Posts seem to get lost pretty quick in the traffic on here because it is such a busy Community and people suffering may not spot yours offering help where you can so I always think it is a great idea to reply to as many posts as we can when we log on , members seem to be so relieved when someone answers :-)

    Take Care x

  • thank you! and yes, you're right! x

    all the best :)

  • Hi I feel that way too. Like I'm always alone. I have friends but mostly they are married or live far away. It's hard for them to understand. My anxiety has really crippled me these past 6/-8 months. I'm hoping that I will get better. It's hard to know where it all comes from. Thank you for your post.

  • yes i understand you. It will get better, trust me on that. And you're welcome!

  • Thank you so much for your support. You are so caring to do this for others. I came to this site about a week ago looking for help and it was hard at first to wade through the posts to find the positive. It seemed like the problem permeated everyone's lives and I couldn't handle all the anxiety coming from so many directions. I don't know if other people have felt this way, too, but for you to come here after your problem is resolved and use your time and emotional energy to look for others to help is so selfless. Thank you. I hope you can post regularly to continue to encourage people in this way.

    I am trying to start up a small group of people who would be interested in setting simple daily goals on this site and encouraging each other to accomplish them and/or try again the next day. If you would like to help us with this just by being a part of a group like that, I would love that.

    Thanks again. You are amazing.

  • wow, thanks for that! I'm glad i was able to do that, it was my intention :) and for sure, i'd love to be apart of your group! I'm willing to help anyone in any way possible. x

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