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Anxiety over wanting Love


There is a place I get to where I panic because I feel I will never be loved in this world for who I am. I know lots of people and am friendly, I've been trying to read books on how to be vulnerable etc but I've been a lone wolf, I don't know if I've seen the whole point in being around others or feel the more rewarding benefit yet. I only feel better when I shut off that part of me that wants love and just be by myself and love myself. People seem so complicated to interact with and I feel like no one will truly understand me as much as they could try...I don't know how to handle it, my anxiety gets so high over this trigger of feeling like no one wants me or loves me for me

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You will meet a lot of people on hear that are great to talk to about whatever and they make you feel so good. You are loved

Loneliness is a killer. I know I’m 49 childless and alone. Life is hard,really hard. I’ve lost faith in the men and I’m not gay. So I will die alone, for that I do know.

I don’t know how old you are. Just remember sometimes there just isn’t a person out there for everybody, some of us are destined to b alone.

I hope you find your partner if there out there.

Best of luck

Hi there, I can relate with that trigger of rejection. I am passing through what is going to be a divorce, and my anxiety of course eats me alive. Even though I am conscious of many things and I agree with what is going on, my body gets along with my mind and I enter in crisis. I start to panicking, I can’t breathe, I start crying, and I feel worthless. I crave for a good throw up that could make me feel better, but it is not the case. I just cry myself out, I try to take deep breadths, or if the place is adequate I scream myself out. Feeling rejected is a very deep feeling, and combined with anxiety, it is a recipe for depression and chaos. Hang in there, you are not alone. Remember that the best person you can be with, is yourself. We have to learn how to love our own person, and appreciate who we are alone. A big hug to you!!!

Veg_Gal in reply to xiodenn

Thank you so much ❤ I hope you grow and get help managing what you're going through!

It's difficult to be alone but then sometimes it's better to be alone than with the wrong person. My husband caused my PTSD and I've struggled with relationships with everyone since - I'm now much more sensitive and see every flaw 🙀but it protects me so be it. We all need someone who we can truly rely on whether family or friend so long as you have that person you can get through it without others.

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