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Do meds work for anyone?

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So I've been reading posts here and doing research, and so far my finding is that some people say meds work to treat anxiety, some say they didn't work for them, some say you need meds but also counseling. I can't afford counseling and I need relief from my anxiety quickly, do meds work at all? For anyone? And which from your experience or expertise if you are in the medical field work best for health anxiety that causes the constant feeling of not being able to breathe and constant sighing or taking deep breaths too much? I understand meds have side effects and you gotta be careful not to overdose, but I have researched many of them and have concluded that the potential benefits outweigh the potential side effects. Has anyone ever on here felt relief through meds? Even if it is for a short time? Thank you.


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I have never felt relief from my anxiety with antidepressants. I’ve tried 3 different ones. I tried to give each one 3 months to see if once it got in my system real good it would start working, but each time they just made my anxiety worse to where I couldn’t function at all, and I just wanted to die. Benzo’s work well for my anxiety, but they are very hard to get from any Dr. I have seen.

Best of luck to you!

In my experience, meds have been a disaster for me but that's just ME personally. The side effects brought their own anxiety - now that I've withdrawn from everything I can be sure that any of the strange feelings I am getting are for sure from my anxiety.

I really think acceptance is key with anxiety - and following the teachings of Dr Claire Weekes. I thoroughly recommend getting hold of her book 'Self Help For Your Nerves'. It truly is a bible for anxiety sufferers.

Thank you. I can tolerate any symptoms of anxiety, like nausea, dizziness, fast heart rate, all that, it's just the constant feeling of not being able to breathe or breathe right, and the constant, uncontrollable sighing or urge to take a deep breath every few seconds with little to no satisfaction when I do the smallest physical activity like walking regularly that I don't like. So I think I can tolerate the side effects of meds as long as they somehow stop or even just lessen my breathing problems, and especially if by doing so I can sleep at night. Btw, yes, my doctor has run tests and there are no physical reason for my breathing problems, they're all in my head, it's all anxiety, so I've been told. Thank you again.


really depends on what is causing the problem - if there is something physical going on such as a mineral/vitamin deficiency, thyroid problems etc, or if it is environmental. Meds can be very hit and miss.

I found fluoxitine good for realising that other people's bad driving was their problem and I didn't need to make it mine - but not much good otherwise. Personally I found mindfulness meditation much more helpful.

links to a few sites with free meditations

I️ found what has worked for me is taking an antidepressant and a benzodiazepine. So this is what I️ have done on and off for 6 years. Some days, months, years are better or worse than others, but I️ have found relief from these two meds. I️ really don’t think you’ll know until you try it for yourself since everyone experiences different outcomes. Best of luck

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Thank you, Sandia. But I thought mixing those two types of meds was dangerous? There's no negative interactions? Is your doctor okay with that? I'm just curious in case I ask my doctor about it.

a lot of times a psych will give you benzos during the start up phase to help reduce the initial side effects of the antidepressant. For me, Prozac during my time of high anxiety during my dads illness was way too stimulating. I paced the floor and felt very jittery. sertraline (Zoloft) was not bad at all and my wife is an er nurse, she is on Zoloft, she got instant relief after the first couple of pills. Usually it takes weeks till it starts working, but I guess it's different for everyone.

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For me I️ needed to take the 2 types of meds. Because the antidepressant helped with my anxiety but when it’s bad I️ usually take an Ativan because it helps me, this is what I️ do in conjunction with many other things like therapy, yoga, meditation, etc.

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