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Anybody got any tips

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Anybody got any tips to overcome the phobia of death and mental illness? this past week I haven’t been able to relax fully my hearts been rapid body is constantly clenching can’t concentrate at all keep dissociating a lot of chest pain and heart palpitations. Everytime I try to relax my brain keeps fighting convincing me something very bad will happens

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Hi there honey I thought I was reading about myself then .the very first thing I will say is you are not alone?? Ive had this for over 20 years..I would literally lay there and scare myself with the fear of death and me thinking what if I have a underlining medical terminal illness and its spreading honestly I would think of everything possible mines all medical in fear of death and mine triggered more when my mum died of cancer I was there and it destroyed me I would think if it can happen to my mum it can happen to me ...of course it can happen to me its inevitable that one day we will all meet our demise but I dont plan on going anywhere just yet...neither are you do you know first of all what your trigger is xx

Oh god it’s horrible isn’t it! I hope you have managed to deal with it even if you are still scared!! So sorry to hear about your mum :( anxiety and panic is awful especially when it’s a phobia! I feel like there is a few triggers, one of them being if anything goes right then I think that something bad will happen or even if I begin to not worry. I also fear that I won’t be able to do the things I want to because I’ll die before I do it or just go insane I guess its spiralled from a feeling of not being able to do anything good or feel happy because I don’t deserve it somehow. My grandma had a heart attack 2 years ago but she’s still alive maybe that’s subconsciously set off a form of health anxiety? My dad also suffers with paranoid schizophrenia I was never scared before but it’s like my brain thinks of statistics and the odds of things and it just petrifies me I don’t want anything like that. I guess I have ocd brain as well as anxiety and panic xxx

I think the hardest fear of dying is the not knowing what will happen after our demise with health anxiety it’s usually triggered by traumatic event mine was my mums passing yours could very well be nana cardiac arrest.. I think with health anxiety we tend To over analyse any situation and make it into something massive but it’s hard to control when we are fearful people say you have to look your fear head on that’s ok if it’s spiders or snakes but death no thanks 🙏 not for a long while I hope.. I have health anxiety and the biggest cancer fear but I had a scare 8 weeks ago oh god I was diagnosed with a mild form of skin cancer I was sick with fear and worry I couldn’t sleep eat or function but I was told the other day I’m actually skin cancer free?! Which was a massive relief but I also realised for 8 worrying weeks I made myself so ill with worrying and I hardly ate or even drank I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other because I was told the word cancer ???? We automatically assume a death sentence with that word what I’m basically saying is I made myself more ill than my skin cancer and now it’s gone I’m picking up the pieces I broke with fear I’ve had a full week of anxiety and depression but that is solely down to me but on the other hand now I’m thinking after that fear I wanna live my life to the absolute maximum this is now my second chance to get off my butt and live my life I was given life is too short to live in fear but it literally takes something like my skin cancer to wake me up I will still have anxiety and I will fear other things in the future .... my advice is when your mind is saying “oh god am I going to die or I might die then also say in your mind “ya know what though I might not ? I’ve learned after 20 years of harrowing experience and anxiety and depression that we have to kind of retrain our brains how to think again when we think negative things also say a positive thing too this isn’t easy I know what you’re going through but it took something serious to happen to me for me to start living I don’t want you to go through anything like that this isn’t easy at all it’s very hard to live with but you have to battle your own mind in health anxiety because nobody gets it only us who suffer sorry it’s long

Nat xx

Thank you so much for your words of advice they are very comforting and it’s great to hear that you are not letting your worries over come you I should probably take a leaf out of your book! I’m glad you had a recovery with your skin cancer! Anxiety and worry put you through more hell than actual health problem! Thank you I’ll take some advice from you and try to think positive!

It isn't easy my friend just take your time its took me 20 years to start calming myself but there's days I still can't calm myself and I have a full blown anxiety attack but I'm here if you ever need to talk

It was summer last year and speaking to my friends when I came out of this state of panic every single day! It comes and goes in waves but when it goes I’ll be disorientated and depressed! Thank you so much it means a lot I’m glad you managed to come out of it it’s really is a horrible thing to go through xxx

95% of the things we worry about actually NEVER happen!

Death is scary but it’s sadly a part of life that EVERYONE goes through! You’re not alone in that. Anxiety cannot kill you.

Thank you I think it’s me feeling extremely anxious and telling myself I can’t handle it and that something happen to my body because of all this stress!

the phobia about dying is the only one we cant overcome its inevitable but try enjoy life more live in the moment and live as happy a life as possible.

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I just like to train my brain into having a purpose and not having that particular thing as a main thought in my head anymore! Thank you

hi .I actually think the whole planet has a fear of dying if they are totally honest ..Me on the other hand ,I actually think that death would be a release from all this HA that we are going through .im 62 and i have had HA all my life ,sometimes i get so tired of fighting this HA ,it is always one thing after another . Dont get me wrong i do not want to die anytime soon and i hope i have a few more years left in me yet ,all i am saying is its the fear of the unknown not the dying itself . I fear the unknown ,i guess i am scared of how im going to die ,not the actual dying .x

Yeah you are very right in saying it’s the dear of the unknown because it really is and it does sadly get to points where you feel like you can’t take it anymore that it’s actually more painful to live than not live hopefully we will be health anxiety free soon!

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