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Any tips?

Has anyone got any tips on how to get a bit of relief from my anxiety?

I try deep breathing but it never seems to work.

I feel relaxed most of the time but my anxiety is always there, it never goes away

Its all I can think about and if I'm honest it's getting me so down.

I always worry that I will faint.

I've only had it for two months and already I feel like its taking over my life.

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Do you know what started it? Try occupy your mind with positive thoughts and be around positive people. I just saw your other post about kalms. I haven't tried that before but I tried green tea and reducing the amount of sugary drinks I was having. (3xmonsters a day lol)


I think it was from flying because I was fine until I got to the airport. Then I started to feel shaky and on the second night at the hotel I had a huge panic attack and ended up having to fly home early.


Sorry to hear about that. Try writing down your feelings when you start to feel anxiety and later on read over them and give your mind time to process it. Positive repetition can help to reduce the bad feelings you may be having.


Thank you I will try that

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Hi allthingsprettyxx,

So the big A for Anxiety has bitten you too. I have some tips here for you to consider:-

1. See your doctor for a mental health check up. You may leave with a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication.

2. Refer yourself or ask your doctor for a referral to a clinical psychologist who has an interest in anxiety to learn some techniques to manage your anxiety - two particularly good ones are Wave Surfing and the Seven Question Thought Challenging technique

3. Try non-prescription over the counter drugs (talk to a pharmacist about the best ones for you)

4. Self help is available on YouTube for meditation,yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness training - Note these like the breathing exercise take practice, so don't give up immediately thinking it's not working.

5. Reduce consumption of alcohol and caffeine and other drugs if you take them

6. Make sure that you are getting quality sleep to repair and prepare your brain - check out sites online dealing with sleep hygiene.

There is lots to think about. You are free to pick and choose to meet your needs :)


Thank you for the advice, it really means a lot. I have been to the doctors but I don't want to go on medication yet so I'll try watching stuff on youtube and practice my breathing.


You are most welcome. I fought against the drugs but when you need them, you need them.

Good luck with your practice :)


Sometimes I've found that deep breathing doesn't help. Slower breathing is the

key I think. Relaxing breathing rather that deeper. It's not easy taking your mind if your anxiety, but if you can find a way to distract yourself it will help. Just try slower, not necessarily deeper breathing.


Thank you. I will try slower breathing instead of deep breathing.


There are some natural remedies in pharmacies that you can chew or put drops in water. I use that when I feel it coming. Works a little.


Thank you I'll have a look.


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