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Constantly aware of heartbeat, any tips?

Hi All!

I'm a 31 year old pain in the backside 😂

For about 6 months I've been experiencing terrible anxiety and depression due to one of my children's illness' and the breakup of my family.

I'm still waiting CBT but am now on my third set of meds which seem to be actually helping the depression!

My anxiety is better but it still terribly noticeable.

The main problem I'm now facing is a raised heart rate and acute awareness of my heart beat. It's usually when I'm trying to sleep or relax and I can feel it pounding in my chest and through my fingers. It's usually the start of then trying to control the panic cycle, mild chest aches and slight spasms etc

I'm hoping the CBT will help but in the mean time I'm hoping the fine people on here may have some tips and tricks to help take my mind away from it and be a bit more anxiety free. :)

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Hi there,

I also suffer this problem.. all will be fine and then I feel like someone's hit me in the chest and I can feel my heart racing and palpitations. I'm also waiting CBT. I find that breathing exercises breathing deep and slowly helps and also when I feel it starting I distract myself by thinking of something and doing it. I think it's a matter of finding what's best for you sorry it's not much advice but it works for me :)


Hi Rachie,

Yeah that's almost exactly, like you have large thud in your chest and all of a sudden it's all going!

Breathing exercises do help a little bit, the worst part is when I'm trying to sleep and don't really fancy getting up and doing stuff to distract myself lol. This really is a massive nuisance 😂

Thanks for your reply though, nice to know others are having the same problem!

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I know what you mean, its very frustrating indeed! It's slowly taken over my life lately as I panic going out on my own because I feel I can't breathe. It triggers other problems for me as I have an illness that makes me faint so it's a vicious circle of palpitations, panic and passing out. It's a good way to scare people though haha!

Yeh it's always a relief when you realise you're not the only one suffering something crazy :)

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Yeah that's how I feel, I never used to be like this, I couldn't have cared less about crowds and used to travel round London no problem at all, now I won't and can't go near the place!

Scaring friends is always fun ha!

It's funny how just talking about it can make things seem better and out it into a different perspective.

I'm determined to not let this beat me!

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I'm same, I can't stand crowds and after being in a environment with lots of people like parties etc I'm exhausted because I'm anxious that people are staring and me and can see my anxiety even though I know this isn't the case.

I've only been on this site since Sunday and it's been a great help and distraction talking to people exactly the same as me.

That's the attitude :)

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Yeah, it even stops me doing thing like exercising just in case, everything's over thought and it's so wearing and draining!

I'm not so bothered about what people think, it's mainly about what would happen to me if something was to happen, maybe I'd have a panic attack again or someone would set me off.

I take things a day at a time, and I don't feel ashamed any more, I used to, but I figured with what I've been through I have no right to feel ashamed!

I usually post in reply to others and try to help, I don't often get round to looking at myself lol


Maybe ask your GP for a small dose of a beta blocker. This will slow your heart down and make you feel more relaxed


I'm already on propanolol which does help but I still get bursts of it. It's not fast, just thumping.


Hey just wanted to say you're not the only one.

I've had this for a while, it's extremely frustrating and there were points were I didn't want to do anything. My heart would race all the time and I'd feel it all over my body. Eventually I started doing tasks that would keep my mind from thinking about my pulse/heart etc. Going for walks, riding my bike, exercising. Physical activity is important, it helps with the equilibrium of your body and mind. Reduces stress level and anxiety. Take it slow, even if you just go for a walk around the block, or a light jog. Hope this helps and good luck with everything.


Thanks for the reply! I find that keeping myself busy does help, I just can't keep going on until I'm exhausted. It's at the point I need to sleep that it becomes an issue.


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