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Any tips


My psychiatrist put me on Zoloft to use daily and an extremely small amount of Xanax to use once a day as needed.

I was wondering if anyone on here has had relief using these medications? I’m desperate to rid myself of my physical anxiety symptoms (dizzy, palpitations, trouble breathing, chest pain) and I’m very hopeful these could help me get back to living a normal life.

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Hi treyjeff, the thing that if anyone got relief from Zoloft and Xanax doesn't make any difference because we all respond differently to medication. Your psychiatrist is well knowledgeable on what will work for you. Because the mind of an anxious person can take us into so many different directions regarding medication, it is best to not read or listen to any thing in what you about to take. Trust your doctor and believe that the meds will help get you through these physical symptoms. More than the medication is the belief that it will do it's job is just as important. Good Luck to you. Give it time, we will be here to support you through this. :) x

Nevertheless in reply to Agora1

No way! Research your meds! The docs are human too and they don’t always know what’s best! Education is power !

Agora1 in reply to Nevertheless

Nevertheless, education may be power but where meds are concerned with the anxious patient, too much research can put us in a Catch22. I certainly don't look to doctors as a god. After all like you said, they are human but they are trained humans,

who studied years as well as knows the patient's history which is all important with any medication to be prescribed.

I learned the hard way years ago by reading everything I could about each medication that I would fill the prescription and then put them on a shelf along with the other drugs I was afraid to take. Going back to the doctor each time and having him wonder

why I wasn't getting better.

It was then found that the more I knew, the more I feared, I began trusting the professional but also working along with him letting him know how I was doing.

This is what works for me as this forum is about sharing our experiences, I respect your input as well. No one is right or wrong as the end results is always left up to the person's decision in taking a med or continuing to suffer.

I’m with Agora on this one. Research leads to all the horror stories on every site about every medication. With someone suffering sometimes that’s all it takes to get them to not take the medication. Trust the dr and take the medication. Any research can be gotten from a medical professional not online.

Indigojoe in reply to Agora1

Just knocked that reply OUT OF THE PARK! Great answer! If I say so myself. :)

like agora said individual results vary. personally i did get relief from my physical symptoms by taking zoloft. it will take a few weeks but hopefully youll notice a change. if not there are many other medicines out there. hoping you find relief.

Amen on that ! Don’t stop trying and be persistent about the ones that work for you🤗

I love xanax! I take 1 mg! It has changed my life. I don’t have anxiety as much as I do cycling -I can’t stop thinking about the same negative crap and talking to myself trying to figure it out. It’s usually about my family who aren’t very close to me but xanax helps me claim me! Zoloft is good too🤗God bless you! Enjoy your meds, your desires and your life

Hello Trey, i've been on zoloft for numerous years and was also taking klonopin instead of xanax. The zoloft was losing it's efficacy so i was also prescribed buspar which works with zoloft for anxiety effectiveness. I was prescribed meds back when they were the first method for treating anxiety disorder. I've since tapered off of the klonopin and am tapering off of the zoloft and then the buspar. For me, the meds did not stop or eliminate my anxiety they just decreased and tempered it. The meds helped me gain some perspective, start to feel what "normal" was like and decrease my ruminating, especially the klonopin.

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