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Have u had experience with dry socket and anxiety?


Had my wisdom tooth extracted two weeks ago. Got dry socket, had to go back and get my stiches open and socket packed. My pain is less, but it's still there and honestly every day is miserable. I work in a job where I talk a lot and my mouth aches from it. I've been taking ibruprofen for three weeks now. Can't take anything stronger as allergic. I'm very anxious as I can pretty much just look in and see my jawbone (neat, huh?). I was told no clot formed and I'm wondering if it still hasn't. I'm anxious and depressed and the antibiotics wore me out. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with dry socket? Do I need to go back to the dentist again I wonder? It's really affecting my mental health at the moment :( If anyone could share any dry socket / wisdom tooth extraction stories, it would really help. Thank you.

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Make sure your take the antibiotics

Use your timer —

To not forget it



DaggerBlaze in reply to Catman22

Lol thanks Catman! I will for sure 😊

I’m being buried and have to go into big debt, just to pay my huge dental costs...

Ouch !!!



DaggerBlaze in reply to Catman22

Yes...It can cost so much!!

Catman22 in reply to DaggerBlaze

I’ll be going for years,

and I’m already in thousands of debt

Catman22 in reply to Catman22

My heart raced badly and I shook for a whole minute during surgery,and the Dentist is so used to this he just ignored it and kept right on working..

saying if he stops we’ll have to do the whole thing over again, and lots of people have panic attacks in his chair...

I have had a number of teeth out but several years ago got a dry socket for the first time. I emphasise as I was in agony! This happens coz the blood clot doesn't form when a tooth is removed, this is the reason why we are told not to eat or rinse our mouths for a few hours afterwards. You will not get a blood clot now.The pain is caused by air being able to get into the wound and directly hitting the nerves. The only way my pain was cured was the dentist blocking access to it. I would go back to the dentist and get this done.

I am so grateful I am in the UK and moaned about it costing me around £50.

Thank you!!! That has really helped....I don't know why but after two weeks I was sitting here wondering if I should have a clot by now 🤣🤣 Okay thank you, I'll check in with the dentist on blocking access to it to prevent pain. I'm also in the UK and felt so lucky...the whole experience only cost £230 (I had a few visits due to trying to put it off lol). Thanks again : )

I had never heard of a dry socket before I got one myself and I couldn't believe the incredible pain! I have had tooth abscesses before and would rather have had 6 of these instead. To make mine worse it happened just before Christmas and it completely ruined it for me. I found orajel from the chemist was quite good and better then bonjela.The first day the dentist was open again I was in there at opening time. The dentist put some seaweedy stuff on it (no idea what it was) and the pain instantly went. Such a relief.

I hope you are out of pain very soon and back to normal.


Hello :-)

I have only had the experience once and do not want it again if I thought the pain I was having was bad enough to have my tooth out I wondered what on earth was happening when something I had never come across or heard of " dry socket " happened and yes I was in agony !

hypercat54 advice is spot on and I would contact the dentist I know it makes us feel anxious but be reassured this won't be forever and they will sort it and it will heal and you will feel better soon :-)

Take Care x

hypercat54 in reply to Hidden

It's horrible isn't it Lulu? It was a first for me and hopefully a last! x

Hidden in reply to hypercat54

Hello :-)

Horrible for sure I wondered what on earth had happened and yes I was so anxious

I remember she packed mine with something and put something on it so the gum healed over it if that makes sense but the pain I thought it would never go but it did :-)

Sorry you went through it to but hopefully DaggerBlaze will feel better soon and be reassured to know what has happened that it does get better :-) x

DaggerBlaze in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much! Will do 😊😊

Hi Dagger, you have my sympathy for sure. I experienced this same issue a few years ago. After having the tooth extracted, a dreadful experience in itself, I was so relieved that my toothache would finally be over, but it wasn't, it just proceeded to get worse to the point that it was absolutely excruciating, I was climbing the walls, sobbing, nothing helped, there was no relief to be had. I can genuinely say that I have never experienced pain like it. To make matters even worse it was Christmas and the dental surgery was closed! After several recorded messages from a very unsympathetic, disinterested virtual receptionist, interspersed with bouts of ear splitting muzak I finally get an emergency number to call which resulted, fortunately, in an emergency consultation almost immediately. My dentist, still wearing her hat and scarf took just one very brief glance and declared 'ah yes, just as I thought, dry socket.'She proceeded to put something thick and gooey where the tooth used to be and hey presto, relief! It was instant and total, I was amazed.

I have no idea what that ointment was but it was so appreciated. I cannot express enough how wonderful that stuff was and how quickly it worked. I am not exaggerating when I say the relief was instant, it really was. So DaggerBlaze, that's the answer, your dentist really can fix things immediately, quickly, speedily and cheaply.

I sincerely hope you can get just a five minutes appointment today to get the treatment that will make you feel better. I will be thinking about you and sending good wishes for your speedy recovery.

Kim xx

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