Anxiety and Propranolol

I'm a 22 yr old male, and I have really bad heart anxiety.

My anxiety before was really bad, I convinced myself I was sick and couldn't walk. I kept myself bed ridden and had lost about 18 pounds in 2 months. my GP prescribed me propranolol 10mg a day. At first I was so scared to take it but eventually gave in because I lost all hope.

Now it's been a month since I've been on the propranolol and I've seen a complete change, I can get up and walk around. And began doing slight exercise and I don't get panic attacks anymore. However I still constantly check my pulse, thinking it's to fast or to slow depending on the reading and I'm always thinking about my heart. My left side of my chest is always tense and in pain and I'm always anxious. The propranolol has made it so I don't feel my heart beat anymore even when I try to feel for it I can't. I also have noticed that since I've began taking the propranolol that my resting heart rate is in the low 50s and when I'm sleeping it's in the low 40s, not sure if that's normal.

I have a long term girlfriend and we have been unable to be intimate because of all of my anxiety. Now that I'm starting to feel better I was wondering if it's safe to have sex while taking the propranolol? I have this thought that because the propranolol slows your heart rate and prevents it from getting high that I'll damage my heart when I have sex? Does anyone have experience with propranolol and sex? Also does the propranolol make it so you can't feel your heart beat either?

I was also wondering if anyone knows if it's normal to have your heart rate be in the 40s and 50s during rest with the propranolol? I get really anxious when I lay down because I get the low reading and it makes my feet and legs feel as if they're going numb. I told my GP but he told me that it's nothing to worry about.


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  • I'm not familiar with that drug. However, If you have asked your GP each and every question that you asked here then you should trust what he said. If you left ANY questions out please call him back and ask. He is your best resource for this and that's what he gets paid for. Write them down if you need to (even if you feel shy) and/or email is great if that's available, number your questions and make sure they all get answered. He works for you, get your money's worth.

  • I've just been told to try this drug after loosing 14 pounds in 5 weeks due to constant heart palpitations and feeling sick all the time. I can't sleep or eat much at all. Sounds like it could help me. What was your resting heart rate before taking it? I'm 40 so not as healthy as you and mine was always about 65 on waking up. After getting constant heart palpitations and anxiety though it's been between 75 an 80.

    I had horrible reactions to 3 other drugs and swore I'd never try another one but my life is completely destroyed at the moment.

  • Just to let you know 75-80 as heart palpitations is quite good especially for your age 65 was even better and that is why when you get heart palpitations they are still low but because you are not used to that heart rate (75-80) you really feel it. I am exactly the same. My mum has a resting heart rate of 80-90 and she doesn't feel it because that's what's normal for her body.

  • perfect normal heart beats, how do you know your heart rate when you are sleeping.Propranol is great have been using it for years, just to get it down from 110 to about 60 or 70 wish it would be around 40 or 50 great sportsmen have a very low heart rate, so make your girlfriend happy get your heart rate right up ,it will settle down, stop worring.

  • You most likely had a normal resting heart rate of 60-70 that is why your new resting heart rate on the propranolol is 40-50 nothing to worry about especially if your doctor said it's ok and I'm sure you are allowed to have sex you don't have a heart problem you have an anxiety problem you will be fine..

  • A year and a half ago I was cycling about 30 miles a week but since getting ibs and anxiety with heart palps I go for a 25 minute walk and come back sweating like mad and totally exhausted.

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