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Been drs about my sore

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Hi guys

After 4 gruelling weeks of pure worry and fear I’ve been back to drs and he doesn’t think I’ve got basal cell he thinks it’s just a fungal infection that is healing nicely and to keep a close eye on it for any changes and they will have it taken out

So I’ve been left for 4 weeks hardly been able to eat or function for them to tell me that it’s nothing to worry about. I know he was just doing his job but my god being left for 4 weeks worrying about this has been the longest and hardest. But without you guys I don’t know how I would of gotten through any of it so thankful for all of you thanks so much

Loadsa love

Nat xxx

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That's great glad your mind is eased

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Natsteveo in reply to Eddie1987

Thanks Eddie


Aww so glad 4 u babes i knew it would be fine 🤗 x

I know you did babes I really appreciate your support xx


Hello Nat :-)

If only they knew what they put is through !

Glad things are turning out so much better for you and at last you have some peace of mind , I wish I could have a turn at having that feeling :-)

Good news though I thought it was not what you were dreading but when you are suffering and it is your fear it can be so hard for us to believe what others are saying :-)

Take Care x

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Natsteveo in reply to

It really is lulu I’ve actually had a decent day today but I know it won’t last something else will take it’s place I just know it will

But for now I’m just chilling with it..

How are you feeling today hope your not feeling too bad babes..

Thanks so much for your support and your help I couldn’t of got here in 4 weeks if it wasn’t for you and the others you help me so much more than you know

Love ya loads

Nat xx

in reply to Natsteveo

Hi Nat :-)

I am so pleased you are in a better place and agree don't think what might take it's place let's hope nothing !!!

But for now you enjoy it :-)

As for me dropping to bits I think , I am still waiting for that break :-) x

Thats good news Nat.

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Natsteveo in reply to ma65

Thanks babes xx

Hi Nat, I know I was someone who got you stirred up when advising you to see your

doctor. I didn't know at the time, he was going to make you wait 4 weeks. Sorry about

that but I would never forgive myself if I told you to ignore it and it turned out to be

something. I'm more than happy for your results. I hope you enjoy every minute of

this weekend. Treat yourself, you so deserve it :) xx

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Natsteveo in reply to Agora1

I’m glad you did it was bothering me anyway least I can relax for a bit now but I did say to the dr today that was mentally and physically draining and very scary and that shouldn’t of happened the law needs to change that was cruel

But thank you so much for your support you’ve been so supportive and amazing 😉

Thanks you again agora

Loadsa love Nat xx

Even if it was a basal cell, it is “EASILY TREATABLE”..I’ve had a few and it’s really not a big deal:). RELAX:) 🥰

Linda, RN.

I just got diagnosed with Basal Cell Ca. Why were you so worried?

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Natsteveo in reply to Tamey

Because I read it on Google and it scared me but I now realise its not a big deal

Just my anxiety scaring me


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