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anxiety has been better, but pains came back?


Hi guys, Carly again. A few months ago I wrote a few posts about how my anxiety has been crazy scaring me due to these pains I have been having off and on. My anxiety was getting so much better since i started on a new medication (paroxetine) and I have been able to manage it pretty well for quite a bit! I have been a lot happier, but as of late the pains came back in my ribs & chest a little bit and I have been getting worried about them again. A few months ago, I went for an x-ray and It confirmed that everything was perfectly fine in my chest, but I still was left without any explanation or diagnosis. I am still pretty confident that I'm okay, but I don't fully believe that these pains are all from my panic or anxiety disorder even though that's what all of the doctors and therapists having been seeming to say. I just still don't feel right and I can't help but think that I'm just ignoring something that could be more serious. Of course i need to believe the professionals, but i just don't feel 100%. I can't really explain it. I'm trying to stay calm & don't think whatever is occuring is too serious as I would have problems breathing, moving, etc. I just don't want to live everyday having to deal with some type of pain & worry in the back off mind. Have any of you guys had pains in your ribs, back & chest off & on and worried that it was something serious? Thank you for your responses. ♡

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Hi Carly. I know how you feel. I also had pains and even though all the Dr.'s I saw said I was fine and it was anxiety, I had a hard time believing my anxiety would cause these pains. They've since gone away on their own (believe me, they will) but at the time it was my chest. It was a constant pain right under my boobs. I would also feel pains in my left arm which totally freaked me out. I went to the ER, blood work, EKG, chest X-ray - all normal. It's amazing what the mind is capable of manifesting itself into throughout your body. So, being an extremely anxious person with all the same pains, I can say from're ok and you can trust the doctors. You would know by now if something was wrong. I hope that helps. Anxiety is the worst and I wish none of us had to experience it. Right now, it's my head and I'm convinced it's a brain tumor. We put ourselves through so much, I agree it would be nice to just feel "normal" once and a while. 😉

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Hi Tma621,

It is so great to know that there are other people I can relate to about situations like this. Thank you for the reassurance & reply.

I'm worry about the exact same pains, I wake up and it's there right away it disappears in my ribs for a bit but stays in my chest. I got diagnosed with indigestion and acid reflux but any tablets I take don't help. I also get really nauseous in the morning. I also keep telling myself I'm really Ill and that something's being missed, I'm just finding it so hard to believe that it's anxiety and if it's indigestion why've I had it for over a month every day? Ugh.

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Hi Lauren222,

I feel your frusterations. Although these pains and anxieties are driving us crazy, i'm sure you'll be fine & your indegestion will clear up soon. Thank you for your reply.

I'm 67, And been suffering with all this panic, fear, anxiety, and depression since Grade school. And my mother was this way too. It is sooooo hard to deal with, my mom used to say.... she wouldn't wish this on her worst enemy. But there will be good days, and bad. We do learn how to deal with all of the craziness, through the years. sometimes will be good, mine is never all the way gone, but we learn to deal with it just like any other problem, health or mental, that just about everyone has. Everyone has something to Deal with, right?? Right now I'm having a pretty bad time with the chest pains, and heartburn, and indigestion. Plus, I'm having the dizziness, and this weird Buzzing in my head almost like a electrical shortage sound, its not steady, just little buzzes, just more craziness :) comes and goes and is driving me crazy, and its a short trip,lol :) Plus being 67, I have Lots of other things going on too, hips, bad back, legs hurting. there that's enough for now. See your certainly not alone. we all have lots of health problems and lots of them are in our mind. If we could just get our minds to stop tantalizing us, wouldn't it be wonderful. Our minds are such a powerful thing . Good luck everyone, hang in there it will get better :)

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Hi judy1713,

It really is wonderful to see that there are so many kind people who are experiencing the same things as me and are relatable. Of course none of this is wonderful to endure, but you are absolutely right that our minds are powerful & we all have our own struggles. Thank you so much for your response & hang in there! Things will turn around for all of us!

I also experience all of this as well I have acid reflux and it's awful I try to forget about it all and just concentrate on other things it does help sometimes x

danielsc15 in reply to stacey89

Hi stacey89,

It really does help to concentrate on other things and just try to fight through it. It really is a great tactic. Thank you for your reply.

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