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Another day of worry

Here we go again, so tierd of worry/ fear of the what ifs, appittie going not sleeping, Constant worry, 3.00am the worst, anyone have this ?

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Hello :-)

Yes I have been like this the last few years before that I had my anxiety sort of under control

You have to try and challenge the thoughts not easy I know

Maybe make a list of what you fear and what you worry about and then ask what prove have you that those worries are justified , a lot of what we worry about is our anxiety creating them

You are not alone :-)

Take Care x

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Hi, yea your right, list idea sounds good. It’s what if scenarios are my biggest part of stress. Thanks for reply stay safe

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O the what "if's " They are the worse and I am full of them , wish they were never invented in the English language :-D x

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Hi lulu, just read a few of your posts,I feel your pain, it’s awful when anxiety gets out of control, today I feel a bit more relaxed. Hope you are having a peaceful day .

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Oops lulu that post was meant for my dogs 🙂🙈new to this

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Don't worry it can be hard when you first join finding your way round and even when you have been on here a bit you still make mistakes :-)

But under the reply you sent that was not for me , you will see it says More

If you make a mistake like sending someone the wrong reply press more and it will give you the option to delete your reply so you can delete it and then re do it to who you meant it for

As well you will see it will give you the option to Edit so you can press that edit your reply or post and then resend it again as well as a few other things , you will soon get the hang of it and if you do get stuck just ask , will help where I can :-) x

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Perfect thank you x

All the time all day every day and night read my previous posts.Its a horrible debilitating illness and I really am sorry you are going through this.

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Hi my dogs, just read a few of your posts,I feel your pain, it’s awful when anxiety gets out of control, today I feel a bit more relaxed. Hope you are having a peaceful day .

Hello pleased to meet you.

Thank you for sharing sorry to hear this.

Please if I can suggest and advise.

If this causing you some concern I would always speak to your GP.

If it is becoming a difficult situation the anxiety becomes more and it effecting even more simple aspects of your life.

You need to do something about it.

As you live in the UK always worth seeking professional guidence, information and support to cope.

Untreated can be determental to health.

Please consider looking at these charities.




All offer floating support and advice, well being health wellbeing.

Coping techniques can do right now to get good night sleep and some respite for anxiety.

Is to look at the nutrition diet you are using and consuming.

Please avoid the following Caffeine in tea, coffee, cola, chocolate, energy drinks.

Also avoid Alcohol as they all are stimulants thinks might help not so .

More anxious you are the worse you more and do become.

Add good food the following helps Lean Meat, Fish.

Pulses,Beans Fruit, Vegetables.

Leafy greens Spinach, Eggs, Nuts, Vitamin C fruits.

Use milky drinks microwaved few seconds warmed with honey.

Grains Rice Pasta, Whole meal wheat products help you sleep.

Have a Pasta lunch always makes your tired.

In many foods are certain chemicals and enyzmes.

Serotonin in beans and pulses. Tryptophan in lean meat, nuts, dairy foods.

Tuna as well.

Old fashioned remedies bowl Porridge oats sliced Bananas, contain Sertotonin.

Warm milk in Porridge tryptophan add honey.

Whole wheat grain bread toasted honey does same.

Lettuce sandwich.

Add yoghurt with added cultures helps settle stomach bowels .

Make a diary sleep one why what is bothering you.

Is your bedroom right light dark too hot so on is bed right one.

Routines helps.


Has more use a routine wind down never have ever gone to bed straight a way.

Turn everything off use music light soothing meditation CD's available sitting calming classical music just then the mind body is relaxed.

Fall asleep in chair then retire to bed.

I am have to nentioned long term mental health have addiction history sorted clean disabilty.

Advise help members to understand more about anxiety.

As mentioned before mental health charities educate leran teach you how to cope.

Call recovery takes many forms, including support group sessions on benefical methods techniques to cope and deal with your issues.

I have to say this if you want help move forward it is there if you wish to have this.

I gained much experience knowledge expertise and qualifications through charities and can advise is the best way forward.

Please if you have any questions happy to answer.

Please take care

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Sunhorn in reply to MrRigatoni

Thanks for the amazing tips/advice will look into this, yea have been having a wine in evening to relax.😏

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MrRigatoni in reply to Sunhorn

Hello thank you for reply.

Please as mentioned read anything I added slowly carefully.

Wine in the evening sorry if I can ask???

Do you think you drink more than the recommended amount of units.

If not sure have the links here to helps.

I am not suggested anything but with anxiety the big problem is consumption of those stimulants.

Used to do the same then it became serious I thought just a gent having a drink.

Became dependent on it.

Take a look just a gent who does not wish any one to go down the road I am and have been, just a caution.

Please if you need to can offer organisations to help you stop.

That is your decision I do advise to look at anything .


Please hope that you understand and please take care .

I am here to be supportive not critical.

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