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My Theory on Worry

All right, I do not take psychology. I have no experience in that department, but J would like to shed some light on a theory I have of why it may seem hard for us to worry. Or, some of us.

Many have had the mindset if worry. Used to it, your brain reacts instantly to any body pain/ache/feeling. I think, or in my case, I use worry as a security blanket. Almost like OCD. I am so used to worrying, and since in the past when I worried nothing bad happened, so in order for nothing bad to happen now, I have to worry.

Does that make sense? I just notice this of myself. i notice I feel uncomfortable when I do not worry, like it is a habit; a ritual. I may be the only one who feels this way, and if so, I will call that my own theory of me. But it made me stop and think and I thought I would share it, because many of us worry, and it seems hard sometimes, for us not to.

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Exactly. My theory though is about why it is hard for some to change their thought pattern of worry.


Over the course of time you have ' learned' to worry and it has now become a characteristic in the way you run your life, you can go along in life and keep that learning if that's what you feel you need for survival, however if you feel that it has or is detrimental to your day to day life and you no longer want as much of it as you are experiencing, then you can 'unlearn.' Some or all of the behaviors you have, this 'unlearning' can be achieved through Therapies such as CBT , COUNSELLING AND HYPNOTHERAPY , and others. Change is always possible if you truly want it . I agree with previous comments. Hope your well :-))


this is really a good insight into how we feel it sums up a lot thanks m m

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