im always worried and anxious it never goes away i get one thg sorted then i worry whats ard the corner feeling scared and extremley anxious sometime i struggle to eat or sleep other i eat too much like snaking on chochlate etc im not very large yet im a size 14 but its creeping up and i hate my body people say i look nice esp my 15yr daughter but i really dont like myself i feel bad all the time and u beat myself up over eveething please someone help


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  • Ohhh pamb67.... I love that little puppy. He made me smile.

    I have my piece of chocolate everyday, it's my "emotional hug". It's not worth beating yourself up over everything. Honestly....

    Look in the mirror, smile and tell yourself "I like you" "You are a good person" and that's what really counts in life. xx

  • thanku angora u are very kind indeed its not my pup by the way mine is 3yrs old a black labx my best friend apart from my daughter.im glad it made u smile take care speak again i hope😊

  • I am going through that too. I am sorry. I know it is very hard. But we are not alone and it WILL BE ok. I know it will! 🙄😚Keep faith and hope. We are all together in this. Pray to Jesus. It helps me.

  • My body has changed so much from the anxiety and worrying...I have lost so much weight it makes me so sad. But I keep reminding myself that I will beat this and I am beautiful because I am me! 😊😃You are all perfect and beautiful just the way you are...believe it!

  • thats nice ur going through s tuff time but ur kind to me eat something nice ur favourite food and take a tonic to build u up,im the opposite i need to loose weight.il say a prayer fir u im not overly relegious but i do believe take care speak again soon ok😊

  • I don't know if your religious or not, but praying has helped me a lot when I'm feeling very anxious or worried about something. If you have something you don't like about yourself you can always try and improve it! but at the end of the day you should always love yourself, no matter what size because every size is beautiful, and everybody is different, & if people say you like nice you should believe them, I'm sure your beautiful inside and out😊

  • your very kind thanku so much for those kind words it means alot if u can u id like to❤

  • id like to help to ciz ive had alot of kind words and id like help people❤

  • thku michael i will pray and for everyone 👍

  • Listen to your lovely daughter who loves you and wants to help you <3

  • wen thku for wat u said its lovely😊

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