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Constant worry

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Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone else is always worried something is wrong with them like i do every little feeling or pain i get i assume something bad is happening and i go into a anxiety attack which always makes it so much worse i cant get through a day without worry. I recently was just sitting on the couch watching a movie and out of nowhere my heart started racing and body tingling and chest pain that went to my arm my heart rate was 102 and i was so scared i went to the emergency room and was told everything is fine but in my mind i thought i had a heart attack cause i have never felt the arm pain before all of this happened 2 days ago and i have been worried ever since so much that i put myself in a full attack i dont know what to do

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Hi, unfortunately yes I do too. Although I’d struggle getting to hospital as they make my anxiety worse.

Try focusing on something else, a hobby, a distraction. If only for a short time it’s still respite. Take care

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Thank you for your response i will find something to do to distract me

So sorry to hear that you are struggling. I have this issue too. It’s the worst. Maybe do some meditation and try to distract yourself with certain things that can keep you calm? If you need anyone to talk to please feel free to message me.

Thank you for the advice

This happens to me daily as well, although I don’t get the racing heart, but I get other pains or weird sensations and I tell myself it isn’t anxiety that something is really wrong with me. It’s such a terrible cycle. I just want to feel normal again, whatever that may be. I hate living in constant fear that I am going to die any minute, or that I have some rare disease that the doctors can’t find

I am the same way. I am also currently 31 weeks pregnant so all these pregnancy symptoms have been big triggers and I’ve been going absolutely nuts. I just went to the ER yesterday and spent 4 hours there because I thought something was wrong with my heart because my BP machine detected a few irregular beats (normal in pregnancy) everything came back normal. You’re not alone I am always thinking what if they missed something what if this what if that and I can’t stop it. I’ll have a few good days or weeks then it’s back. Hang in there.

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Yes i feel the same i just want to be normal like everyone around me when im around people i pretend im fine even when im feeling anxiety i pretend im not i just take deep breaths and hope it goes away

Yes, i am the same exact way. There is always something i am feeling or finding to worry about. Right now i have some tenderness on my scalp above my left ear and it is consuming my thoughts that i am having an aneurysm...i agree with the above, i have to keep better thoughts and distract myself with a hobby. x

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I get that feeling to with any pain or headache i think the worst it really consumes my life

It's the same 4 me as well, constant health anxiety, and always on high alert, I'm trying to deal with it by changing my thinking, relaxation meditation and distraction work for me. It's that fear center trying to get our attention! The symptoms 4 me tend to be PVCs and occasional chest pains, sharp ones that float all around. Hang in there, 1 moment at a time, some deep breathing exercises may be of help to you also.

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Yes i learned that the deep breathing helps me calm myself down i just need to learn that when i get that burst of anxiety i need to not freak out sometimes i make it worse

I understand completely how you feel. I deal with this everyday. Its been almost a year now. I just want it to end. I remember what life was likd before i started to feel this way. I feel like everyday I'm going to die. I feel pains in my back and chest everyday, yet ive had echos done and they say every thing is fine. I don't get it how my brain can cause all of this

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Ik it really sucks what our bodies go through i just want to wake up and feel normal for once i try my best to feel normal but anxiety still comes out of nowhere i dont even have to think about anything bad or negitive it just comes

Ye I’m like this love taken me off citalopram and put me on mirtazapine it’made me so tired though xx

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Mmcgraw in reply to Jimmyluke55

I used to be on meds for anxiety but they made me feel so out of it so i stopped taking them i also have a fear of taking meds now i get anxiety just thinking about taking any

Have you considered seeing a psychiatrist and perhaps getting appropriate medication for your symptoms? No need to suffer when there is medication that can prevent these attacks.

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Mmcgraw in reply to Bill2020

Yes i have went before and got meds and they made me feel out of it so i stopped taking them and i also have a fear of meds anytime i try to take meds i get anxiety its horrible

I can relate to this too. I often sit at work and all of a sudden my chest starts to feel tight. I've been given some 10mg Propranolol which im trying my hardest not to take (The last lot I had was 80mg sustained release and they were making me feel dizzy and on the point of passing out several times) I'm just very wary of the side affects these might have on me. I've purchased some self hypnotherapy from Glenn Harrold and its very relaxing. Cant really comment on its full effect yet as I only started it last night

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Yea im the same i get anxiety thinking about taking meds

This is exactly me too. Just comes out of nowhere and then the palpitations make me panic as I feel like they come when I'm not thinking about anything. Had ecg and all clear. Still panic and worry. Been given Mirtazapine. Had it a week but been too scared to take it.

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Mmcgraw in reply to Rickoj

Yes me to my ekg was clear to and im the same with meds i get a fear to take any i get anxiety thinking about iy

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Jimmyluke55 in reply to Rickoj

I’ve been on mirtazapine now for 3 weeks feel not much better so tired all the time wondered if it takes longer to help my anxiety,

Yes I worry about everything except I worry if I go hospital and say something worse and about three years ago kept having pain in shoulder but when went hosp said muscular pain but ended up a heart attack which now has made anxiety even worse I try read books go out which most of time takes my mind off things but when I go for hosp for appointments enjoy your life and health do things u want to

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Mmcgraw in reply to Yasyass

Im sorry u went through that and heart attack is one of my biggest fears everytime i have anxiety thats what i think im having and i stay home all the time because of my anxiety i have a fear of eaving the house im a total mess

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Yasyass in reply to Mmcgraw

Try thinking if it this way whatever happens will happen in the house or out but try make uself strong wh hobbies do u like

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