My health is alli worry about,don't know y,didn't used to b like this,I have asthma ,hiatus hernia,arthritis,I constanlykeep taking my bp all the time ,I'm forever doing my peak flow readings sll the time nd worry if gets below 500,I feel I ave no quality of life and dread teach day coming,I feel constantly anxious l all the time and haunt the docs all the time,I would give anything to get back to how I used to be,but I feel so utterly useless,is ther any hope at ll for me,the icing on the cake was when I went to a@e the other week the oc said I was making a nuisance of myself


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  • Hi Love

    Of course there is hope for you , there is hope for each & every one of us , dont ever let go of that thought

    Lots when they are fit & healthy dont have health anxiety , till they start getting a few health problems then it can come ...others always seem to have it , but maybe you started feeling this way as you now have a few health problems (not life threatning ) but problems & your anxiety is causing fear & then more anxiety & more fear & so on

    I would not keep taking your blood pressure ...blood pressure can go up & down all day even when your blood pressure is not a concern & you also will be anxious when you are taking it , so that will give a higher reading , I would throw it out & just let the GP deal with it & if they are not concerned you have to try & start to believe them

    Do you have to keep taking your peak flow readings or is that you doing it out of fear , if its out of fear & no one is saying you need to do it , throw that out as well & let the asthma nurse just deal with it .My son had asthma , he took his meds & only when he was due for a check up did he blow in to the peak flow , again depending on what you have just been doing can make the readings differ

    I do think it would be a big start in helping yourself if these machines are not needed if you threw them out & just attended your anual appointments , see if you cant do this , keep posting , we will support you

    Had to smile that they said at the hospital you were starting to become a nuisance , I had that said to me years ago , & now i can laugh as I see I must have been ...one day you will be able to joke about it to ...maybe not now but you will

    Use the site & get support every one knows how you feel




  • It hurt me dreadfully wat the doc said,I don't feel il ever be right again ,it's just o hopeless

  • I know I can come on here and tell peolple how I feel but to b honest I don't think things I'll ever change,not ever

  • I have some diazepam somewhere in the house wonder if that would help short term ?

  • Hi Meg, I have been dishing out advice this week as we do when we feel good, week today I have severe anxiety and my blood pressure went up to 159/95, I know I shouldn't keep taking it, but can't help it, it always goes up when I have anxiety. Hope your feeling a bit better

  • What did the doc say

  • whatnext

    Things will change hun & will get better , it takes time , please try & help yourself & stop doing your blood pressure , you no how upset i am over my eyes , well if you come on here everyday & say you have left your blood pressure alone , I will stop looking at my eyes all day , that will be just as big thing for me as its my worry at the mo , so lets do it yea ?

    Try not to keep thinking what the doc said you will just upset yourself , years ago a doctor told me to get out the surgery & not come back lol think that was even worse he struck me of the books , just because he couldnt cope with me , so you are not on your own

    Has GP given you any couselling ?? I am waiting for some or if you have had it ask for some more




  • Thanks whywhy, I cud do with counselling, have been considering it. You are an inspiration to many people on here, your an angel xxx

  • Hi Meg

    I suffer from the same as you, It is called Health Anxiety, if you find yourself obssesivly worrying about about your health all the time. I know how you feel and it is like torture. Up until recently I used to visit the A&E every day and sometimes twice a day I went for a period of about 3 to 4 weeks where i was visiting day and night only to be told everytime nothing was wrong with me, I never believed any of the diagnosis they told me and convinced myself that something must be terribly wrong with me and they are not picking up on it. It got to the point where I completely had a mental breakdown because of the continuous torture of obssesivly worrying about having every medical condition I could think of. My GP sent me to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy I have had 12 sessions so far and it has helped me a lot. I no longer visit the hospital at the first sign of any pain or sensation. It has helped me to view my Anxiety from a more rational perspective which really helps. I would recommend it to anyone suffering from health anxiety. I still have more sessions to complete but I am not on any meds because I was too scared to take them so I seem to be slowly getting it under control with the therapy. So yes you can be helped. If your GP refuses to recommend you for this therapy then you should change your doctor. You are not being a nusiance you have a Pschological illness that can be treated and it is your doctors duty of care to have to offer you this treatment. So make sure you are honest with your GP and tell them exactly your concerns about being anxious about your health all the time. My anxiety and worry have lessened since i started the therapy.

    Good luck to you and try and stop worrying too much. There is help out there for you and your GP will direct you to your nearest therapy centre.

    All the best

    Dimitri .

  • Thank you

  • CBT is also available through AnxietyUK.

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