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An attack


I’m trying to breathe and stay calm but it is so so hard. Can this be over with yet? I don’t wanna die 😭 my lips are tingly. I keep burping.

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I see this was a while ago I hope you’re feeling better now and I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner!! This is a typical panic attack and you are safe. ❤️

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Thankyou. I never had panic attacks like this until recently. Everything goes wobbly like I’m on a boat

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I just posted a small book that everyone with anxiety should read, At Last A life, by Paul David.

Over 15 years ago I had to order it from the U. K. It caused my anxiety to shrink immediately! The author suffered with all the weird symptoms we all get from anxiety.

He explains that we are “ normal “ people with frazzled nerves & a tired brain with a bunch of fear thrown in !!

The flu comes with all types of symptoms & most of us are use to getting them .

Once you learn that all the crazy & fearful symptoms we go thru are nothing to fear , your anxiety starts to lessen . It’s like fearing the monster in your room that disappears once you turn on the light.

I have no financial interests in this little book , but it was a life saver for me so I continue to recommend it because it works!!

Yes, I also was one of those who said I would never be normal again, but I have the bottles of zXanax that have turned to powder as proof that it really worked .

Let me know what happens:Victor, Rivercitysatx@

Hope you are feeling better now panic attack symptoms are horrific your not alone, keep reading this forum, it does help knowing your not the only one. My symptoms are going through the roof lately after going through another stressful situation. I'm getting adrenaline surges and electricity surges, then the feelings of doom kick in. Try not to listen or feed the anxiety, diversion tactics helps. Take care xxx

Please have a look at my book on this. Though I'm not a neutral observer of it, a neutral - a major self-help book contest - just awared it silver. You can read a lot of it free by clicking the following link:

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