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Death Anxiety


Hey everyone ;)

So as a part of my GAD, I have death anxiety since I was 10 years old something like that....

The worst part of it is that the fear itself comes and goes, I had about 2-3 years without it (I’m 17 now), and recently it came back.

I consider myself not a religious person, but I do believe in some higher being kind of thing that controls everything, and I do literally my best to try and live my life without that constant fear of dying, but I guess that now the fear came back stronger than ever...

I think that the main thing that Im scared of is the possibility that everyone who’s dead simply cease to exist, now I know I shouldn’t fear about it but the idea of it won’t give me any rest😕

Any advice on how to manage it or take control on my life? Or tips how to manage the anxiety?

Thank you all in advance😁😁

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I have been dealing with that fear for a while now. But i am Christian and bible says that all who believe on the son of God Jesus Christ who died for our sins at death will be present with the Lord.

And God is not a man He should lie. I pray and try to fill my day to keep from thinking of it.

I don’t have much advice but I wanted to let you know that I experience the same thing and even more since I had my baby three months ago. You’re not alone, and it is a very common fear. Just be at peace with the idea that everything happens for a reason, you can’t control it, you’re not alone, and live the best life you can ❤️

Fear of death is extremely challenging I understand im so sorry , i think connecting to something spiritual a higher power in my opinion can really help :)

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