I want to live!!! Anxiety stops me!

I want to live!!! Anxiety stops me!

Hi everyone! I've been suffering with anxiety on/off since age 14 and I'm now 41. Since May 30th I've been off work due to car accident. I'm due back August 17th but am so nervous I can hardly stand it! Anxiety way worse past couple years. Heart palpitations dizziness feeling not real head feels weird. I have no energy! None! And I have a fear of exercise. So here I am! I want to live life. I can hardly force myself to the store let alone do something that used to be enjoyable! I have been on Klonopin for at least 9 years. Now I fear I will never be off of it but it isn't helping! Wow thanks to whoever reads all of this mess! Hugs! And I feel for everyone in similar situation!


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  • Sounds like you need to talk to your doctor about what you are going through. Maybe he can adjust your dosage or change your meds if its not helping. I feel that would be a big start to feeling better. Please let me know what dr says and we can talk some more. Good luck .

  • Thank you! All I do is talk to doctors but they don't seem to understand. More recently started seeing an herbalist. She is not too expensive and takes time to listen to me!!!

  • Is there anyway you can change doctor's. You can interview the doctor before you go to see him to see if he is familiar in treating anxiety. Are you ok from your accident. Herbs from what I understand can take a while to work and they should be high quality. Some you buy over the counter may not have good quality since FDA does inspect them. A study was done and some do not have the correct dosage of the ingredients they say they do.

  • The only problem is I have no health insurance. So the dr I see has a financial assistance program. Oh I don't buy herbs over the counter. I'm only taking two and they are not addictive like the klonopin I've been on for so long. I want to exercise but I am scared when my heart beats fast. Somehow things will get better 😊

  • I was told that exercise is excellent for anxiety. Just walk. Push through. This will help with palpitations. Don't forget to drink water, eat healthy (this really helps), get sleep -your body heals while u sleep. Lack of sleep makes anxiety worse. Stay active with anything chores, hobbies and be social. Talk to people, friends family, etc. Doesn't have to be about what you are feeling . Just stop focusing on your symptoms. Only makes them worse. If worrying helped, you would be 100 percent now. If symptoms start, take your mind off them by doing something. I took many walks, washed car, cleaned house. Mine started 4 yrs ago and today I feel 90 percent better. FYI, I take .5 mg lorazepam when i feel really bad. The rest of time I push through by being active, social and walking. It works. Don't forget to eat healthy and stay hydrated. Also I take magnesium for heart palpitations. You can do all the above and try your herbs. Good luck

  • Thank you! I appreciate you! This makes sense! I've been in the habit of talking about my symptoms for so long now I forgot who I really am!!! Now to break that habit!!! One baby step at a time!!! -hugs-

  • Be strong ... Force yourself to make baby steps.. Start by walking around your home.. Slowly keep on walking for longer distance. You can do this.. ☺

  • Thank you! Yes baby steps I can do this!!!💛

  • Ur hot!!

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