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I have not tolerated any antidepressants in the past I always get all the freaking adverse side effects and it’s worse than just dealing with it on my own. Now my doctor is pushing Prozac. Anyone ever fail treatment with SSRIs and then find one that worked for them? So far I’ve tried Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Paxil, and Buspar. I think that’s it. I hate medicine and all it’s stupid side effects and withdrawals and blah blah blah wish I could be a normal functioning human being again.

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I found zopiclone helped the best for me , but it’s only classified as a sleeping pill , even tho it works on major anxiety . No side effects either

SSRIs tend to be preferred because usually the side effects are less severe and better tolerated.

However, they can deplete/interfere with folate levels. You might find that supplementing some folate (400-800mcg) helped to reduce the side effects.

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