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Prozac, Has it helped anyone?


I was on Citalopram for years and years and it stopped working so my doc upped the dose and then three years later that stopped working. I got off it cold turkey (long story, but it involves being too anxious and ill to even care) and my doc has put me on Prozac, 20 mg once a day. I have been on it for 3.5 weeks and I don't think it's doing anything but killing my appetite.

I would love to talk to anyone who is on it or tried it.

Thank you to all.

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Prozac saved my life!

It helped me 100 %

Stay strong,


Ps: with some help from klonopin,an addictive drug,But I am happy with Panic Attack Situation. THATS what counts for me.

Both prozac and zoloft worked

Skyrooms in reply to Skyrooms

IMO,I HAD HELP FROM A TOP DOCTOR HERE IN THE US about 30 years ago. Ive been on prozac that long. :)

The only true way to beat this is strengthening our minds. Medicine always makes me feel worse. I was prescribed it but the side effects scared me.

Agree with that, Medicines HELP But we need to address the underlying cause ,but of course is easier said than done.

Great post.

I am living proof that prozac works. It takes time. I am on four 20 mg tablets a day. Never any side effects now

sunnyg in reply to Skyrooms

How long until it worked? I think it's been about a month now, maybe three weeks. No let up in symptoms and I think more panic and floating feeling and inner shaking. Total loss of appetite. Did you have these initial side effects? If so, for how long? If not, what side effects did you have and how long did they last? Are my side effects an indication this stuff isn't going to work? Thank you a ton for being here for me.

Just go slowly. Never too good to go fast. Maybe some chattiness at beginning but I would bet my life on it.



Can everyone who succeeded with it tell me if the side effects at the beginning went away and then how long did it take to "save" you. Did you have side effects? If so, what were they doing the first few weeks?

I'm waiting for it to be my miracle cure :), LOL and hope, hope, hope. I think my only side effect is loss of appetite, but that is coming back slowly. My anxiety and crappy mood are still hanging around like a black cloud. Thank you!

Maceymae in reply to sunnyg

6 weeks for me..itched all over, sick, anxiety got worse, cried all the time, manic then low. that went away eventually but not the anxiety fully and of course I lashed on the weight.

Yes, I remember going to the bathroom alot,but the side effects will pass. Please never go off an antidepressent yourself. I once went off prozac only to return to 12 hour long full blown panic attacks in the hospital. Due to me being a small business person,I lost a great deal.

I am pro drugs,if you cant find another way.

From the bottom of my heart to yours and everyone else,


I am so grateful for the support here.

sunnyg in reply to Skyrooms

I will never "cold turkey" it again. Yikes. Sorry to keep posting, but how long until you felt better on it Skyrooms?

With the klonopin, a few months.

Whenever I felt like an attack was coming,the klonopin chased it away. Ask ur doctor if u could have klonopin. Google it. KLONOPIN STOPPED MY ATTACKS ALL THE TIME. HOSPITALS DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO FOR ME. YOU HAVE to believe in Prozac. I am 63. I have new,anxiety issues now,but knock on wood,no full blown panic attacks. The symptoms will wear off. You can take my phone number if u want. I am in the US.



Skyrooms in reply to Skyrooms

Klonopin can be taken with prozac to get you over the hill. It will help u at the beginning. Its better than xanax,valium,etc. For me. It is a controlled substance but I still take both drugs. And I am not that addicted to klonopin. It wards off alot of my panic attacks or cuts them out asap. I am not a doctor. THIS is just my very strong opinion. What side effects are you having?

I was on Proxac for 5 years. It didn't help with anxiety but did help with depression. I put on 6 stone with it though and my self esteem went way down. Coming off it was absolutely hell(and i have just come down off Amitriptyline. That was a walk in the park compared to prozac)Panic was through the roof and the pain kicked in. Brain zaps the works. I was diagnosed with a multitude of physical health problems after that ( not relating to the prozac) so it obviously had been helping with pain all along that I didn't know I had?? I don't know.

You have to weigh up the pros and cons. Everyone is different. I started on Cymbalta 1 week ago and it is like taking a smartie as in I was waiting for all the side effects that people were talking about but nothing as yet apart from the horrible jaw pain . So basically go with your gut and if your doc is a good 1 and experienced in this area, give them a go. You have to try. That was just my experience:)

I forgot to add the side effects when I started prozac lasted about 6 weeks and I had them all but they do go away.

Skyrooms in reply to Maceymae

It doesnt help with my depression:(

Skyrooms in reply to Skyrooms

I cant get my post onvthus site. Ahhh. Trying sunce 6am.. Does anyone ever experience this?

Skyrooms in reply to Skyrooms

Prozac doesn't help with my depression.

I feel so much better on it as it calms me down and relaxes me.

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