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Dr switching me from citrapram to fluoxetine



Not been on for while due to severe. Anxiety

Just been Drs and they suggested I try fluoxetine

Anyone on this and does it help that awful on edge anxiety ???


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Everyone is different, of course, but I've had good luck with fluoxetine. But like anything it's going to take some time to work, if it's going to work for you.

Thanx for reply

Dr wants me to switch direct over

To 10mg of flox

Y is there so many side effects

I take diazepam too

Only 1or 2 mg

Wonder if it is safe to take it with flox ?

I assume your doctor knows you take diazepam?

Yes but wants me to stop

Well if he/she knows you take the benzo then wouldn't have prescribed the Prozac, don't you think? I take a benzo with the fluoxetine

Wat do u take ?

Did u get any side effects

Dr said maybe a sicky stomach but I don’t wanna lose more weight as I have already with anxiety x

I will pm you. I get a little uncomfortable sharing a lot of extra info in a thread.

Hoping it will help my crippling anxiety and peri menopause

Everyone handles medication differently, I have had experience with fluoxetine it did help for a while depends how much they tell you to go on!


Gp said x

Hi yes i suffer with depression and anxiety and i have been on fluoxetine for 6+years now and it does help ! I tried coming off these but i went back to my doctor because i wanted to go bk on them ( my anxiety came back with a series of obsessive thoughts)

Since gojng bk on them my mood is much more better and people around me have noticed this too



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Grt to hear

Just bit scared switching straight over from one to the other

I work full time and don’t want it to effect that

Also scared of side effects

They say flux is quite activating

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Lovely to hear

I think a lot too esp bout my health it’s horrible xxx

I used to be on citalopram and have been swapped over onto fluoxetine due to having low blood pressure. No problem they said with low blood pressure and citalopram, it’s just that there’s been more research into low blood pressure and Fluozetine in the UK.

Works for me the same.

My bp always been ok

Didn’t know that bout flux


Can I ask if u had side effects going from one to another

I am currently on 10 mg cit but take them slower and slower like every 3 or 4 days

Dr gave me 10 mg of flux

Just scared of new side effects esp when my anxiety is high ?xxx

No problems swapping as I can remember and I was on at least 20mg at the time. I’ve tried coming down to 10mg but always end up going back on 20mg as am settled on that.

No side effects ??? X

Not to me but everyone one is different though.

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