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What's happening to me?


I'm 19, I thought I was doing okay until last week when I started feeling like I was breathing through a straw and had pains in my right shoulder. Went to the doc and she thought it was pleurisy but now I'm beginning to doubt it :( haven't been right since. So scared that its something more sinister than anxiety, still feel like I can't breathe and my heart starts racing :( is this normal?

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With anxiety you can get all sort of unwanted symptoms, I think there's a list on the main page.

If your worried get to the docs and put your mind at rest.

With the breathing try breathing to a count 4 count breathe in 8 count breathe out, it will be difficult, but just stay with it, and do it slowly and gently, trying to relax your muscles as you do it.

wishing you well



lauratx in reply to Hidden

Thank you for replying! I've had anxiety before, last September :( I was never diagnosed but everyone would tell me that's what it was, because my mum died in July :/ I tried to convince myself that I didn't have anxiety and that there was something seriously wrong with me. I thought I have overcome this :(


I lost my Mum last year, (and my Dad), and I am 64 !! This was very hard for me and I ended up with huge anxiety and depression. To lose your Mum at 19 must be so very hard and you are bound to feel that. It could lead to how you are feeling now. I have also had pleurisy and the pain I had was in my lungs, felt like a dagger everytime I breathed. I thought I was having a heart attack. You may need to go back to your GP and get help if it is anxiety that you have, Go easy on yourself and all the very best. xx

Hi Laura,

I'm sorry to hear about your Mam. I get the exact feeling you describe and that's a great way to describe it, like breathing through a straw. It's almost like your chest won't fill with enough oxygen or something and I always panic there's something wrong with my lungs (until I talk myself back to reality) I always think though, that I am walking and talking so there;s nothing seriously wrong. The pains in the arms and shoulders is a bit annoying but I find they go too as long as I stay relaxed.


Hi hun so sorry to hear about your mum your so young and a girl always needs a mum for support love and advice so i know its not the same but will try and help i was a little older when i lost my dad 27 and still young to lose someone who means so much my dad meant the world to me the only thing was i didnt really greave at this point and was to how do i put this? too busy worrying about my mum and how she was coping and really didnt want to lose another parent as my mum and dad was so close even after nearly 30 years of marriage like she said she hadnt just lost her husband she had lost her best friend and to see her that way was even harder she found it so hard to cope as they were joined at the hip and because she couldnt drive she found it harder to get around so i focused on her then this year yes 9 years later i started getting down would have scary dreams and the dreams often of my dad i then got struck with a virus the work the kids the stress of christmas and the virus all took there toll on me the panic attacks started i couldnt understand what was happening i felt like i had something seriously wrong then would worry more i had 3 children who needed there mum i would cry i felt strange no one had seen me this way my eldest 16 year old would even avoid me and go to her nans she simply didnt know what to say or do to help me and it made her feel useless i was in and out of a&e eventually my doc helped me i tooks meds and got councelling and eventually started picking up dont get me wrong i still have bad days love but thats anxiety for us it hits us when we least expect it and we fear the worse every time even though it is our anxiety playing games so go and see your gp hun get some help and advice dont feel ashamed to get help and talk to someone close a good friend or sibbling i know how you feel from losing someone so special and you may need help in coping with this too but keep posting on here all these people are so lovely and help you the best they can love dont be ashamed to ask anything on here no one will ever think bad of you good luck hun :) xxxxxx

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