My Psych switch my Buspar to Lexapro I'm scared got used to the Buspar ...pls help

My Paychiatrist changed my Buspar med to Lexapro which I'm not to happy about I was used to the Buspar it didn't help with the Phisical symptoms of anxiety but it did keep my anxiety level in place and that's what I like ms about it I told her to raise my Buspar but she refused and said that buspar isn't doing anything for me I was put on Buspar for over almost two months it helped me a bit with the anxiety but not the physical symptoms I was put on 10mg twice day so I took it in the am then late night before going to sleep... At first it was working good not to many psychical symptoms or anxiety but for the past two weeks I've been having upper abdominal pressure and shortness of breath which the Buspar isn't taking away so I'm wondering has anybody gone through this with Buspar of so pls give me advice as I told her to raise my Buspar to 15mg twice a day and see how it goes I'm afraid of trying the Lexapro and going through new side effects and the Citalopram I started at first gave me panic attacks and didn't work to well for me so I stopped it on my third day of taking it the side effects were. But horrible but she assures me that Lexapro is much better better and she prescribes it to many of her patients and they are doing well .. I've read too many negatives on this med does anyone have anything positive to say on it ... I'm truly afraid of starting this new med as it as already switched from omeprazole for my gerd which I think it's coming from anxiety or my gerd is causing my anxiety so the Doc put me in Pepcid took 20mg of the 40mg he prescribed me last night before bed and thank god cause it gave me all the side effects of that pill I didn't sleep much maybe an hour or two and I'm having a massive headache as I write this blog .. Anyone pls help any ideas I wanna go back to Buspar haven't even tried the new pill yet ... Much Thx


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  • Buspar knocked me for hours.I took half of a half and it was just too strong. I've taken Prozac and Zoloft which were horrible... I now just take a xaxan 2x a day... It's the only thing that works...I'm usually lightheaded, dizzy and the pressure is horrible...I'm trying to find something else that may work for Me..drs always say I gave it too many of my other patients and they are doing well...I've heard it so many times.. Everyone is different... So your body may react differently.... Exercise and plenty of water may help...though its tough to exercise when dizzy all the time..anxiety sucks

  • Thx ... I don't know if to take the Lexapro I only have 5days of Buspar left I spoke to my psychiatrist today she doesn't wanna change it back says to get a job and take the 5mg of Lexapro that I'm healthy as a bull and Lexapro will help me ... I told her I tried Citalpram and that didn't help the only thing helping me is the Buspar it take away my anxiety but the physical pain so that's why she wants me on Lexapro I don't know what to do .. I might cut the pill in half and give it a try half of 5mg

  • Well let me know! I'm looking for something to get me back on track...mines started after my kids father passed in a car accident... This anxiety is becoming a bit much to deal with

  • So sorry to hear that... Are you on any meds at the moment have you seen a Dr or a Psych also a therapist can be a lot of help ... They have this pill at GNC my friend takes it its Called calm and she says it has helped her a lot her husband also passed away not long ago might wanna give that pill a try also chamomile tea is good .. Hope you better soon mines started after my dad caught a heart attack he is in a coma now for four months he opens his eyes not sure if he notices anything .. Wish you luck I will keep you posted on what I do if I take the Lexapro or take some natural pills ... Either way I would keep you posted best of luck and God bless ... Any questing I'm here

  • Thank you and likewise!

  • Sorry I know your on Xanax ... Not sure if you should change to anything else need to def consult with your Dr... I'm writing to a few people got caught up and didn't realize you said you was also on Buspar would let you know if I take the Lexapro and if it does work .... Take care God Bless

  • Hi my dr prescribed me lexapro about 6 months ago but I never took it because I was too scared it wouldn't help me. I have been suffering from anxiety for a year now my main and pretty much only symptom is nausea so bad to the point I couldn't even work or eat. He gave me the lexapro to help me get my appeiete back but because I was so afraid to take it I forced myself to eat and eventually got my appetie back on my own. A year later however I am still nauseous every day. I am wondering would the lexapro get rid of this? If you have any answers please let me know x thank you

  • Hi there Vale, I wouldn't know if it helps with the nausea I haven't started the lexapro myself I'm also scared of it as I had a bad experience with Citalopram I don't even wanna give it a try and I'm suffering from shortness of breath and upper andominal pressure I'm still taking my Buspar which helps with the anxiety takes the anxiousness away but it's not helping with my physical symptoms of it ... Sorry couldn't be of more help.. If I do decide to take I would let you know how it works out but for now I'm trying to go all natural just looking for the right way to do it and the right natural supplements ...

  • I take lexapro 20mg aday for year's. It helps but I still get anxiety, anxiety comes from thinking about things in your life. I know that is my problem, I have a son who is on drugs and all I do is worry about him. So there are times my anxiety is so bad, they I will take a piece of anxan to help me. Hope you feel better.

  • I take lexapro for year's it helps but I still get anxiety it is something that just happen's. You start thinking about something and there it is. To go to sleep I take melatonin about 1/2 hour before going to bed. It is all natural triple strength. It really helps.

  • I am on lexapro 20mg aday for years it helps but i still get anxiety because I have problems with my son. Try it, it might help it will take a couple of weeks before it starts.

  • Hi honey828, thx for the advice I've have gone all natural since I am currently working with a Kinesiologist and she has been great of a help Also praying had gotten me through all this and God has been good to me lately.. Thank you fot your reply God Bless Yake Cre and I will continue to pray for everyone here .. Night to all and God Bless You all..

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