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hi everyone, I'm new to this site, just recently found it but it helped me so much. Basically I have been struggling with anxiety for more or less 6 years but only for a year now it's been quite severe. In the past 1 year it sort of stopped my life to the point where I don't even want to leave my house anymore. I constantly worry about getting a heart attack. I have never had any tests done ( cos I know it's only anxiety ) and I don't have anyone in my family with a history of a heart problem. In fact my family is very healthy. And Im only 27 for love of God :) so I know all these "facts" about having an anxiety. Only recently I have decided that I need to take my life back and get back in control. I am talking out loud to my anxiety when I feel like it coming, yet sometimes it's still hard to overcome it. In the last 1 week I managed to talk myself into the Reality that I am indeed not having a heart attack which has helped me. But I still get random attacks. I guess my question is how have you overcome your anxiety or how do u try to calm yourself down? It is so silly and I want it to stop by now. Like today I had a random thought of me having a heart attack and that was mind ran away with me leaving my body behind :) anyway....any suggestions and help is appreciated :) thanks!

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I take medication it slow the constant thought process down to a manageable level. I could not cope before constantly worried, anti depressant are the best thing I have ever done. I resisted for a long time and things just get worse.

Kind regards



Thanks for your reply. I want to stay away from pills as I want to solve it for once and for all. I don't want to get into the situation where 30 years from here they will be completely useless for me as my body got used to them. It's just a personal preference on my side :) I'm glad it worked for you! Hope you feel better and hopefully I will be able to get rid of my anxiety without any meds :)


I really thought like you I 45 now I been stress out since my teens I thought people who took anti dees were soft. I hope you get sorted. I been to to give therapy a try but I haven't got round to it


Hmm yeah that is interesting :) so u have been taking meds since your teens? And have they helped you so you can sort of live a full life? I might consider it if anything else fails :)


I have only been taking them for about 6 months xxx the difference in my mood and outlook

On life is amazing, I can't believe I struggled for all those years feeling so down all the time.

Do you drink alcohol that can have a big impact on your moods xx


Well from reading your post you seem like a strong character. You use the word "random" to describe the timings of your attacks, this is the case for everyone :-). I've been suffering on and off for 14 years now and the best advice I could give you and it's something I must start doing my self is telling your self "we've been here before and I was ok last time, why should this time be any different". Another useful tip which I've never done before is make a note when you have an attack then think of the things leading upto it that may have caused it you may see a clear pattern. Could be a job a specific place you don't feel comfortable etc.

Good luck :)


I would think and say possitive affirmations such as I am healthy. I am healed from anxiety. You need to envision yourself healthy and happy. Look up this website it can help

I also added a humurous inspiring video below


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