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Great News!!!

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Over 40,000 members strong. 40,000 people supporting each other, sharing our anxieties, our strategies for coping and showing all of us that we are not alone.

A generous partner has created a matching fund of US $25,000 for donations from today through June 12, 2019 to the nonprofit that administers our community, Malecare. We have a chance to raise $50,000 which we can use for the much-requested Anxiety Support newsletter and video series (for viewing on YouTube). No one is required to donate. We won't keep track of which screen names are associated with donators. Totally voluntary. Please honor all of us by being as generous as you can. You can use credit cards, PayPal or Stripe Donate to

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You are getting through it and that is NOT falling. Recovery is not linear - it’s up and down and backwards and side to side. You are persevering - and that’s quite an accomplishment. People who haven’t been through this have NO idea how strong we actually are.

Maybe that's "why" we have the pain we have because we are strong and courageous we don't give up. tomorrow is another day. no worries it's today we must get through...

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