This is what anxiety looks like

This is what anxiety looks like

This is what anxiety looks like we put our makeup on, a smile on our face but under all that we feel our hearts pounding , racing crazy dark thoughts panic sets in we think gosh I'm going to die we want to run hide but where can we run to because it's all in our minds no one knows the battle that some of us are going though so always be kind 😘

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  • Yes it is always hidden when in public. But do you think it would be better if people opened up more to friends and family, would it help?

  • So true, I hide mine every minute or everyday, telling no one what is wrong with me. I disguise all my symptoms very well from friends and family, which none of them know how I feel as I beleive they won't understand what it feels like to go through these yuckie symptoms all day and night.

  • Totally get what your saying hope your ok x

  • I understand. Nice look though.

  • Anxiety looks pretty good on you honey 😘♥️

  • That made me lol 😂Bless ya Hun thank you 😘 xx

  • The more I talk about anxiety to my friends and family, the more I find it's pretty common. More people than I thought are carrying around their internal storms and fighting through each day.

  • Yes the more Iv opened up to friends and family the more you realise a lot of people are going through this x

  • It's so true Mrworrymaster, Just look at the beautiful picture above. Danielleapet would blend into the crowd of those we envy as to why we couldn't be happy like she is. Who really knows what we fear in our minds? Take care.

  • Aww bless ya Hun but I guess a picture can tell a thousand lies to what's really going on hey?? Iv been reading up on celebrities that suffer with anxiety etc who'd of knew anxiety is a bitch we need to kick its ass 👊 X

  • #BePositive 😘

  • Well I would certainly have a racing pulse if you sat next to me in public! lol but you make a great point we're just people like anyone else and appear very normal and together to the general public.

  • Hehe bless ya ☺️ Yes that's the point I was making no one knows what others are going though we should always be kind ❤️

  • It's doing the normal stuff that will eventually bring back feelings of normality instead of retreating in fear and being intimidated by the symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety thrives on avoidance so the more you stick "two fingers" up to it by doing the opposite, the better you will begin to feel.

    Recovery will follow if you face your fears (don't shy away from them, recovery comes from within you), accept your fears and float past them (don't fight, suppress, or resist the thoughts and feelings, let yourself fall into any state without resistance, be ok about not feeling ok) and let time pass (time is the great healer while your mind and body sorts itself out automatically). Don't go searching for recovery because recovery will find you if you practice the above.

    Judging by the lovely photo, you seem to have the right attitude by getting out there and taking the anxiety with you. Sooner of later, you will lose interest in "it" and "it" will lose interest in you and gradually fade away.

  • Thanks so much for all your advice you totally make sence I can't wait to feel like the old me again 😘

  • Amen thank you for this

  • How is everyone doing? X

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