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Anybody else feel this way?


Does anybody else’s anxiety seem to be a voice in your head? Idk how to explain it but it’s like I can be having a fantastic day without an anxious thought until I realize how good of a day I’m having then a voice In my heads like I’m back! Here your daily dose of anxiety and just ruins the whole rest of the day and maybe even lead into the next. It is so exhausting ...

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Yes. I have found that like you I could be having a great day. Then all of a sudden there is something that goes off that’s like hey, it’s really cool that you haven’t worried about xyz, or felt (insert whatever physical symptom here) wonder when it’s going to start? Then what do ya know, it’s back.

Yuzy04 in reply to Krn210

It’s such an exhausting vicious circle.

Yuzy04, I think we all hear that voice of the bully who wants to be in control. I once use to cower in fear and now at the first appearance it makes, I shout "go away, I don't have time for this". And I'm back in control. Get's easier each time as the bully disappears like the coward he is. :) xx

Yuzy04 in reply to Agora1

I hope I can gain control over my bully like you have. Thank you for the encouragement!

This is how i feel! Once i feel calm and happy and anxious free, my body starts to tell me that I haven’t had any anxiety for a while so my whole body goes into an anxious state for days for no reason. It’s horrible

Yuzy04 in reply to Aozora___3

Isn’t it just the worst? I literally feel like I can’t go a full week without having one of these mental breakdowns where my anxiety just keeps creating worries for no reason.

Aozora___3 in reply to Yuzy04

Yes thats the same for me, its such a struggle

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