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I'm just writing this post because I'm having a terrible day with my anxiety and I just wanted to have some one listen, reassure or relate I guess.

My Zoloft is not working and is in fact making me worse. I hate going outside for anything and I just want to be at home where I feel safest and less anxious. I'm so frustrated because I have all these crazy symptoms at school that make it so hard to focus and I just want to run home and be alone and I can't stop thinking about why I'm not normal anymore. I used to love being outside, studying at school but now I just feel shaky, on edge, lightheaded and my head and legs also feel heavy and that I need to get away from everyone. It's so frustrating that no matter what I do I can't seem to beat anxiety and depression, and I don't feel like myself at all anymore.

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Awww luv. You're not alone despite how isolating this shitful condition makes you feel. Get on the phone and call a friend, your mum, anyone. Have a warm bath with epaom salts. Get someone to give you a long safe hug. Download an app called Calm and do some tiny meditations. Don't forget to drink 2 litres of water every day. Take some vitamin B12. The zoloft won't start working for about a month and the waiting time is sometimes worse than the anxiety itself. It does work eventually have faith. Human contact is the best remedy. You don't have to tell them the whole anxiety story because the majority or people dont "get it" but you can say you feel scared and you dont know why and couldthey sit with you or take you out for a walk in nature - this will calm you down. Thinking of you 😘


Vbee what a lovely, kind and smart answer x


You have to look into why you have gotten this way, were you bullied at school ? is there something you're hiding from people. There is always a reason anxiety starts.


I was never really bullied in school, it all started mid last year because I went through a breakup, took on a second job and also was going to school with a full schedule. I know people deal with that all the time but i guess for me it was a lot to handle


To much too handle, a short circuit you have.


The biggest reason is stress. This leads to depletion of vitamins and minerals and insomnia and crazy bodily reactions. The fear you have when experiencing these wierd feelings then feeds into fear of them happening again and you start a very vicious circle that then gives more anxious feelings and avoidance. Don't look much deeper than you own self scaring yourself and aim to give yourself moments of calm. Switch off your brain and thoughts. Live in this very minute not in 2 minutes time. Can you worry a broken bone better? No, you ignore it and it will mend. But what you do to help the bone mend is that you rest it and take the weight off it, you have warm baths to relax the muscles in your body that are getting tense from walking awkwardly, you eat good food to help the bone cells to stitch back stronger, you might take a multivitamin to add some extra minerals etc. So do everything you can to help your tired mind except worry about it - worrying is like trying to put out a fire using gasoline! Good luck

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