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hello everyone

has anyone seen the stuff going on with sertaline at the moment well im

literally so worried and havent taken it in two days ive been doctors and said but she told me not to worry and ive had tests and stuff before ect but now because with everything going on im wanting to stop them..how would i go about this how would my doctor do it ☹️ xxxx

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Hey Shannon. I'm on sertraline and so I looked up what you're referencing. Though I understand the fear, this drug has been around for a long time. It seems unlikely that such a problem would only arise now.

Please read my post. I do not advise going cold..

What’s going on with sertaline?

Yes I read this story and have been worried to take it :/ so not sure what to do x

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Mongea in reply to Lauriem4

Could you share what the story is in regards to sertaline?

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Lauriem4 in reply to Mongea


This is the link x

I'm just glad I came off it. Was making me feel so weird & ill. Don't just stop cold turkey though, discuss it with your Dr.

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Mongea in reply to Tembo

Can you share what’s going on with sertaline?

Why what are they saying about it

Yes please, what are they saying about it? I missed that part...

I am also trying to find out what was said,

What are they saying about it?


Here is the link for everyone wanting to know x

I've been on sertraline for 10 months now and I wouldn't be without it. It helps me get on with life and cope with anxiety, depression and ocd. It is worrying reading that article, but I think most medications have risks.

thankyou everyone for your reply’s i really dont no what to do ☹️ my head has been all over the place xx

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