No motivation !

Hi all

Well Ive been looking forward to some time off work, thought it would be great opportinity to sort loads of stuff out but cant seem to find energy or motivation to start then at end of day feel bad about another wasted day. :(

One of my problems is im emotionally attached to just about everything my daughters have ever owned lol consequently have a house and garage full of 20 years worth of clutter !!!

Just dont know where to start or how but its really getting me down living like this Im sure Id feel better without all this stuff just have a mental block that wont let it go lol

Mimii xx


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35 Replies

  • Morning Mimii, I understand what you mean about lack of motivation. Although it sounds like you've got a mountain to climb. Can your daughters not help you?

    What I have done with things like this is one box at a time, I also take it into the lounge away from the area and with the tv on and a cuppa I start on that box.

    Good luck xxxx

  • Thanks winter,

    Daughters help ?!

    Well ones struggling to recover from depression and the other ones not really the tidying type lol its dangerous entering her room as theres no floorspace !!

    Cant really blame them ive not set good example and never made them do any chores ,

    Perhaps try the box idea but i tend to look at things and want to keep it lol

    Mimii xx

  • Morning mimii

    Bless you , I no how that feels , I am very sentimental & can have a habit of keeping everything , I have to be very care ful , as I struggle throwing things out , especially like you , when they have belonged to my kids & loved one's

    For me its happy memories & by throwing things out I feel I would loose them , but you dont

    I have to be ruthless sometimes & it takes some doing

    I have to say "Right this has to be done come on " lol

    I would start in one place & maybe make piles

    Its ok to keep a few things that are really special to us , maybe small ones that wont take up to much room

    Then I have a pile that can go to charity & help

    I have a pile that I think my kids might want ...if they dont then I think well if they dont want them , there is no reason I should hang on to them

    And I no its the worse bit , but the pile that has to be thrown & I have to do that one quick or if I look & think to much , they would end up in the pile of few things that are really special I want to keep

    Maybe you are struggling with the motivation , because its something you no you should do , but it will be emotional , so you dont want to face it

    You no we are all here & what ever you manage , we will be understanding & support you

    This might not have been any use , just guessing how you might feel , from what I can be like

    Let us no how you go on




  • Hi Mimii, it was just a suggestion! I couldn't really ask my daughter either she's inherited the untidy side of me! Xxx

  • Hi whywhy

    Yes i think in a way its like id be throwing away their childhood, think i really miss having young kids i know theyre still here but its different, i know they cant stay kids forever lol i look at other mums with young kids when im out and think you lucky things guess i want to go back and do it all again such happy days just wish id a ppreciated that at the time.

    Mimii xx

  • Same here mimii

    Its what I have enjoyed the most in my life & I can sit & think sometimes , what would it have been like if I had had one more lol

    I also sit & think how the world is now & am grateful , that they are all grown up doing well & what a struggle the way things are it might be if I were bringing young children up now , that can help me a bit

    I was even crying for Kate & Will when they left the hospital yesterday , it brought back all those feelings lol everyone was looking at me gone out , saying its not your baby whats a matter with you

    Try & look forward to what the future will bring , mine are my best friends now , especially my eldest as I had her so young & I get alot of joy out of that , then there could be grandchildren to look forward to :)

    Good luck hun with trying to de clutter some things I no its not easy


  • Ive even kept scraps of paper with random doodles lol but its a part of them, how they were, yes i know im silly lol

    Mimii x

  • No you are not silly mimii

    I keep cards they have sent me , they dont take up much room though & I have kept their name bands that were put on them when they were born & somethings I have kept , I wouldnt put on here lol people might really think I am strange (or more than they do already ) lol

    I have just kept small things though rather than large so they dont take up to much room


  • Thanks whywhy, well few weeks ago i found loads of congratulations on birth of your baby cards lol managed to get rid of some from ppl who im no longer in touch with, i have some baby teeth s omewhere not sure where though lol and more recent tooth of my daughters in a specimen bottle on a shelf lol

    Mimii x

  • mimii , I have all there babay teeth & I no exactly where they are lol

    But they are small things so thats ok , they dont take up much room

    Bless you I no exactly where you are coming from


  • Whywhy Wish i was organised like you and know where everything is :)

  • Believe me you dont mimii lol

    Thats the OCD in me , another story lol wouldnt wish it on anyone lol

    O I hate not been able to do faces , makes me worry people might take things the wrong way grr


  • I spent all evening crying at Kate and Wills, it brought loads of memories back and me being me being morbid as well. Like I won't be here when the baby is on the throne! Xxx

  • Exactly the same thoughts I was having Winter , started making me feel all morbid as well


  • Hi Mimii :)

    I can really sympathise with you here, at the minute we're redecorating my sister's old room (who's moved out now) so I can move in, and it's proving to be really stressful! There's just so much STUFF!! Loads and loads of things in boxes and bags from when we were little, and most people might not give it a second thought to just chuck away, or put into storage, but despite there not being enough space in our house to keep it all, it is really difficult to let go. I hate the idea of just hiding it all and never seeing it again- though at the same time it's stressing me out having the entire house- corridors, the landing, bedrooms- full to the brim with all this old stuff, and nowhere to put it.

    Is there maybe a spare room or cupboard that you could use to store some of your things? I know that's easier said than done, but when you do end up sorting things out (and you'll find a lot of things you don't actually need!) you can keep the more sentimental things in storage boxes and stack them neatly and orderly somewhere in the house. That way, you know that they're there and you can look through some stuff whenever you like, but it's not going to be stressing you out any longer.

    As for not having enough motivation, I find that making a good old fashioned list often helps me! :) make and keep a list of all that you want to try and achieve this week, and then you can physically see how much you have achieved with each thing you tick off. Give yourself a time limit, so doing 2 tasks today, and then another 2 tomorrow etc... Don't let yourself get bogged down with just doing one thing- make sure you let yourself how little breaks and to relax- you are on a break from work after all! :)

    hope this helps love. xxx

  • Thankyou so much for the advice alicia

    trouble is every room and cupboard is already crammed full of stuff lol my eldest back from uni has now added 3 large bags full of shoes in the hallway lol more and more stuff comes in and nothing goes out ! Good luck with your sisters room let me know how you manage to do it lol

    Mimii xx

  • Think i should try the list idea!

    Thanks. :)

  • Hi again, with your no motivation has motivated me to throw away 2 very old cushions that I have had since I was 12, they were flat and faded also the dog had chewed one! So they have gone in the bin. I feel like I've thrown part of my mum away.

    I've just told the children that I've thrown them away and been shouted at that I shouldn't have done it! I'm going into justification mode now! Xxxx

  • Oh well done winter you have my admiration , im sure your mum would be proud of you. :)

    If the kids are that upset you could tell them to get them out of the bin and have them in their rooms lol

    No maybe not they might agree lol

    Now i really should follow your example and get rid of something, perhaps we should start a de-clutter club lol

    Mimii xx

  • scan artwork, cards & such but save to 2 or 3 discs you store in different places.

    likewise, photograph other items, clothing, toys, etc...

    you can also make a small memory collection from clothes e.g keep a pocket, button, or small square of material from them.

    I have done a few of these up to now and managed to let a little go.


  • Hi Mimii,

    It's horrendous to live in chaos (I know I do) but it is so hard to confront it too. You're doing so well making a start. Take it slowly. Give yourself lots of time. Be kind to yourself. And little by little you'll get there.



  • Hi lizard,

    Ive got as far as thinking about what to put on list first lol

    I hope you are feeling better today, was wondering how you were xx

    Mimii :)

  • Oh yes, my "To Do Lists" are legendary!!!!!

    I'm still very low. I know I would feel a lot if I could improve my living space or indeed create a living space at all but I lack the energy or motivation to do something about it. My whole life is chaos. I wish I could just run away and leave it all behind!!!!

  • Hey lizard come on lets do this !!

    Like you say improve our living space might help to de-clutter our minds too worth a try !

    Mimii xx

  • Hi Mimi I can emphasise with you so much. I am a bit of a hoarder myself and really must get motivated to start decluttering! A couple of friends have already helped me twice and when I have dropped a hit about a 3rd time it seems to have fallen on deaf ear. Can't blame them... :d

    Lets pick a day to declutter everyone and all do it together. How about this Saturday or Sunday? What do you all think?

    Bev x

  • H i Bev,

    Im hoping to make a start tomorrow as ive got time off work then hopefully will have something positive to say on friday lol!

    Yes good idea to start a de-clutter club or day lol then we can all encourage eachother !

    Mimii :)

  • Hi mimii

    You joining positive Friday post then

    You made me laugh there when you said hopefully will have something positive for Friday lol

    I am still trying to find something , I might have to have the day of , if I dont come up with something soon lol


  • Hi whywhy, I said hopefully ss I dont have much faith in my ability to do this lol!

    I can think of a few positives fir you how about having an immaculate clean and tidy home for a start! Or the gift you have for helping others and always knowing the right thing to say to cheer ppl up :)

    Mimii xx

  • We will be here tomorrow to help you mimii

    I have 2 bedrooms to clean tomorrow , not that they are dirty lol but thats the thing I cant put I have a clean home , because that is because I have OCD lol

    Thanks for the I cheer people up , I am laughing here , but I dont no about that either lol

    I have 3 options , to say I am flexible

    Put a clip of Will-i-am on for everyone , because I think that is very positive or

    Get someone to write me a sick note

    I no , its not looking good is it lol


  • Sorry whywhy just thought that was insensitive to say about the clean house as you have ocd did not mean to cause offense I can say stupid things sometimes , sorry x

    Mimii xx

  • No mimmi , it made me laugh , thats the thing with me , I have had to have a sense of humor with all this , thats why I thought it was funny ...I should be saying I havnt cleaned all week , now that would be a positive lol

    Please dont think you were insenstive it made me laugh & i dont always say that much about myself anyway , for people to realize I have it lol


  • Thanks whywhy hey theres no space in this message box lol right think I need a fag or 2 lol glad you had a laugh about it :)

    Mimii x

  • We will be here tomorrow to help you mimii

    I have 2 bedrooms to clean tomorrow , not that they are dirty lol but thats the thing I cant put I have a clean home , because that is because I have OCD lol

    Thanks for the I cheer people up , I am laughing here , but I dont no about that either lol

    I have 3 options , to say I am flexible

    Put a clip of Will-i-am on for everyone , because I think that is very positive or

    Get someone to write me a sick note

    I no , its not looking good is it lol


  • I'm with you in spirit Bev but I'm terrified to do it in practise :(

    I had a manic episode the last time I tried to take control and I've been too scared to try ever since. I just don't know how to do it safely. Yes, I need someone with me but I have no-one to ask. I have used up the good will of friends and family. Perhaps we could all do it together??

    Hope you're ok.


  • Ps Then we could compare notes afterwards,

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