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Pariond and worrying :( :(

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Im bit pariond and worrying as i still have ache like gym workout on my hip or pelvis or thigh area on left on and off for a while since Feburary i think and i do go to gym but once a week and i dont know why im keeping feeling ache (not painful) sort of like uncomforable silimiar when you had work out and it hurts but like that on my left area? wont it be cancer or tumour in the bones? cant stop worrying and i know anxiety dont bring ache on my left thighs area cos it was like that since febuary by itself and it ache more when i laying down..... i have been to gym last saturaday for a first proper 1 hour work out called body attack and next day and day after my legs, thighs, bum really aches but seem less now

need reassure please, by the way im 24


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Minnie my sweet 24 year old ;)

Its the work out's my love , i am sure of it , it wont be cancer of the bones

I no you like to work out , but you could miss it for a month & see if it goes away , but otherwise my little Minnie you will have to accept to have a beautiful body like you have got , whats the saying it goes "no pain no gain " thats what you are getting

You meen so much to me , if I thought there was something wrong with you , i would travel to where you live & get you seen to myself ..but i no there isnt

Be reassured my love , you are doing really well

Lots of love ,

Big hugs



Dearest, lovely young Minnie - bone cancer is INCREDIBLY rare in young people, my sweet, Whywhy's right, it will be the work outs you keep doing - you said when you did a full hour your legs thighs and bum really hurt but it's gone off now - if it was anything serious, my sweet, it wouldn't get less!!! YOU DON'T HAVE BONE CANCER my darling, it's far more likely - I think - that you're overdoing it at the gym - and maybe, just maybe, your left side is a bit weaker than your right, which is why it's hurting? I think Whywhy is right, my sweet, maybe give the gym a miss for a little while, maybe just go for a few nice walks - preferably with your dishy hubby ;) - and see how you get on doing that?

If you want to keep on at the gym- well, there'll be personal trainers there, maybe you could ask one of them to help you exercise, maybe watch you doing it, there may be something you're doing that is causing a bit of discomfort and they will spot that, where you might not. Most of them are very knowledgeable, my love, and could probably advise which exercises will help and if there are any you should give a miss or go easy on for a while, until the muscles strengthen?

And like Whywhy, darling, if I thought for a moment there was anything wrong, I'd be down there with Why getting you seen to - and i know your lovely hubby would too, if he thought that was anything! There isn't, hun, you're a beautiful, lovely, strong young woman, try to enjoy your lovely body - the rest of us (well, old hags like me lol ;) ) are green with envy! :-D

Love you so much, my sweet, see you in the Garden later!

Big hugs ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Minnie :) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



Rose,as I say we all had bodies like that when we were young,or

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It just gets harder though to remember lol


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Very true, Lindalou and Whywhy - when "you can't straighten up when you bend!" ;) lol!

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Well everything drops , takes a workout picking it all up again lol


Your body is just reacting to the workouts, next time ask the gym instructor about it im sure they will say the same.xxxxx

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I only go to gym once a week on sat for a hour but it was my first workout last Saturday and before that nothing apart from 10 min on power plate vibrate machine to tone my legs, that's why I'm worrying but surely its nothing serious? Xxx

Ok thank you girls I should try stop worrying and I only go to gym once a week for a hour on Saturday morning with mum and sister in law.... I'm sure it's the workout that make me ache on thigh but at the moment it's on my bum, thighs and lower back as I haven't been to except use class since may 2012..... So I know I haven't over doing it. It hurts like bones when sit on bum the same with legs so hopefully it will goes away in few days time! Thank you both for reassure and have to believe you both love!!!!! Haha you made me laugh about "old hags" I will be like you both once I'm in 50-60s lol!!!! Love you both lots too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ((((((hugs))))))

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Minnie believe us my love ...look how much you are loved , we would never ever lie to you hun


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Yes I will darling!!! I know you all wont lie to me

You all are my favourite ladies!!!! ;-) kisses xxxxxxxxxxx

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