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ugh i just feel sick and Mentally drain

My mind is just every where it comes and goes its the point my head feels pressured and stressed i could actually feel it physically my mind got me to the point i want to burst out with anger and cry and the same time . its just stress to fight your own mind its annoying . my friend invited me to go eat aswell now but dont know if i should because of the way my mind is and stressed dont even know where all this stress coming from to my mind and thoughts and everything. when im living a good life working dont know i feel mentally ill and sick in the head its embrassing.

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Johnnie, it can't hurt to accept your friend's invite to dinner. It may do you good instead

of heading back home by yourself.


yeah im just so stressed for no reason agora1 its like fighting my own mind ugh.


I understand what that's like but you might need the diversion right now.

Plus you have to eat anyway. It may make you feel better.


yeah i just dont want people to think im crazy or anything .


I don't think a friend would think that of you.

It's the way we think of ourselves at times when we

just don't feel all together. That's the thing about anxiety,

it doesn't show, it's an internal thing. Getting out with a

friend might be just what you need for a while.


johnnie.... put your mind to rest. It seems to want to ruin all your fun. Go out and enjoy one night and save the anger and anxiety for tomorrow. it will be waiting for you, and it's your choice to accept it or keep having fun. Life is too short to let your mind rule you.

Paaaarrtay baby!


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