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I feel sick and depressed on the weekends, always!

I just cant figure out what it is. I feel anxious and stressed at worked ( I work in childcare). I take it day by day and seem to be doing OK overall. I plan stuff on weekends so im not laying around all day ( I do best when I have something planned early ish so I can get up and get moving) but I find literally every single weekend I feel ill and depressed, nausea, stomach issues, or headaches - you name it. I just can't figure out whats causing it? I try and go shopping or visit friends, go for walks but because I always feel so blah its making it harder to do things and I just cant seem to figure out why I only feel this way when im not at work? Is it because my mind isn't as focused on work whem im not there? geez... anyone else feel this way? Weekends are supposed to be my time for myself to unwind and have fun ..

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One thing strikes me, do you drink coffee at work? And less or none at weekend? Some people find that dropping off the caffeine at the weekend gives them headache, upset stomach etc. And for me any kind of physical thing makes me stressed which triggers my anxiety.

Just a thought.


I don't drink coffee at all ever so that can't be it. I typically eat the same things too. Don't drink alcohol ever hmm not sure what to associate it with.

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Hmm. If you're stressed at work maybe these feelings are your body's way of trying to get you to slow down the only time possible ie weekends.

Have you seen a counsellor about the stress and anxiety? Sorry can't be much help, hope this weekend is better.


Thank you. I do see one currently so I'll definitely make sure I bring it up next time to see if she can offer me any advice


It could be that at work you have to be organized and have a structure. On the weekend, I hear you planning your weekends, but maybe you have more time to think at the weekends? Your focus is off the children and more on yourself. It would be good if you could learn to relax a bit more. Give yourself some time during the day to listen to relaxing music or guided meditations, preferably lying down.


Sounds like an anxiety/depression. May stem from not having a specific responsibility on weekends perhaps? You might have an underlying issue on why the weekends or the time off depresses you.

Sometimes keeping busy distracts you from anxiety issues, but the off time it's affecting you because you have time to notice it more. But you did say you get anxious at work- just seems like your stress takes its toll on you when your off.

Do some meditation and yoga to help you relax and clear your mind.

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I also feel much worse on the weekends... at least for the last year and a half if not longer.

I don't have the physical symptoms you mention

Yes , I meditate regularly and have tried yoga. Neither have much impact.

I've also tried scheduling vs not scheduling. Not scheduling seems like it's mildly worse.

Running or playing an addictive game seem to take my mind off it but not resolve it. You can only do the former so much, and the latter leaves me sad and disgusted with myself :( cooking meals does seem to help, but also requires some foresight.. I find I often go through the week hoping that this weekend will be different , so I don't really prepare myself for the depression

I am taking 450mg of bupropion daily, may or may not be related.

Sorry to hear you're also facing this. I hope you've found some things that work for you since you posted.


I have been feeling much better since my post. I always typically do very well during summer time here in BC now I find that's the weather is what really affects my mood the most. I have days now where I love doing nothing and relaxing by the pool but also there are days where I like to keep busy cause I start to feel really sad and down if I sit around for too many days. I like to spend time on the Internet cleaning, cooking or reading for distractions


I have exactly the same symptoms on the weekend including the physical things. Running to the bathroom in the morning and sometimes a headache. It seems to be a weekly cycle that happens to me on my days off only. And in the Winter, it is worse as I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. I have not found anything that works but I had a stressful job for a couple of years every Saturday morning in my teens and I believe this set up a pattern that my body follows, even though I have no stress on Saturdays now. I thought about getting hypnotherapy and getting hypnotized as this is a subconscious pattern.


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