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What will today bring??

Does anyone else worry if today will be their last or someone they loves? I think about it constantly and i cant help it. I wake up around 5am and think about it till i fall asleep that night. Im so scared of death im scared of what will happen to me or my husband when one or both of us are out and about. I worry about everything that might go wrong. Does anyone else do this??

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I constantly worry about my family and everything about health. Do u see a psychiatrist? Or a therapist?

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No, i want to its just im so busy

I think we are living in a time where we are aware of everything. With communication being what it is. I myself like keeping up to date with what is happening in the world.

But the news is so depressing, but do you no what if I look bk in history, it really isn’t any different to what it was 100 yrs of years ago. So for me I am going on a news ban for January.

I think as mums ( UK 😃) and for our families we worry . We see the worst happening and actually visualise it. We play it out in our heads. It’s a distorted way of thinking, when u see it that way u will feel better. My mother had a stroke 4 yrs ago, she smokes like a trooper whilst bedridden. After having 10 children she is now 79. She has had pneumonia 3 times.

Her attitude is Don’t worry, worry till worry worries you 😂 ( she is Irish)

Try not to project what is going to happen in the future, on the here and now cause ur missing ur life , take care

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