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Anyone else get these feelings?

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Every little pain or anything makes me think something is wrong with me. If I have migraines i think I have a brain tumor. If i get pains in my left arm or chest i think i will have a heart attack. I get pains and burning sensations all over my body, tightness in my head, my heart races or feels like it flutters, chest pressure, dizzy feelings, worry that im losing control, and many more problems. I am scared to go to the doctor and him tell me there is something seriously wrong with me

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I'm exactly the same any pain I think I'm riddled with cancer :-( it's so hard I'm going back on meds to take the edge off xxx

I'm also the same way! It is very overwhelming because it feels like an all day thing. Even the most insignificant feeling makes me think it's life threatening. I was completely against medicine. I wanted to control this disorder on my own; but I am at a point where I am willing to taking meds in order to feel better. That is not a way to live because you're constantly worrying. Just have to tell myself it's temporary.

I feel the same as you,I think every twinge or ache means that there is something serious wrong with me,I am now taking Prozac,I cant say I feel any different,but hopefully will start to feel less anxious.It is a horrible form of nervous disorder and only a sufferer as yourself knows how it makes you feel,I look at other people and think I wish I was like them always happy,but then people who dont know me well think the same about me.Its a catch 22 situation but with the help of other's on this site we will make it,always here if you want to talk take care .MYDOGS

Hi ya I can honestly say the way you are feeling is exactly what I suffer everyday,I've been to my doctors and they always say its anxiety based which makes me feel stupid for taking an appointment up but you can't help how your mind convinces you these feelings are real,I've now learnt to distract myself when I feel something coming over me,lately I've had palpitations so If I'm sitting down I go and distract myself,I've had hypnotherapy and it did help in me realising as soon as you have a negative thought which ramps up anxiety distract yourself and it will ease,it does work and I've suffered badly for nearly 2 years,good luck x

Hi I have been feeling this way for over a week now! Fuzzy feeling, chest pain, hotness , pains everywhere, feeling light headed , it's awful, I also think it's something seriously wrong. But I went To my gp and he said it's the anxiety & changed my tablets x hope you feel better soon, big hug xxx

Yes I have good days then really stressed out ones with I think I have something really bad it's so draining know how you feel x

you need to be brave and go and see your doctor sure they will reassure you that you have nothing serious to worry about then you can tell him how your feeling and they can suggest possible meds and counselling

dont be afraid to go they have heard your sort of concerns many times

This is v familiar. I agree with what others have said but I also recommend exercise. I have started a very gentle running programme and every day it reminds me that I am well, I do not have a heart problem etc etc. Getting out at lunchtime helps me switch off from work and makes me calmer. And it helps me sleep.

I started with twenty minute walk three times a week. Now I am doing walk/jog. By Christmas I will be running. I am an ex smoker who has not walked in twenty years.

Just an idea.


That idea about building up exercise slowly is really good for anxiety :)

I'm the same. Right now I have sharp pains in my head and a twitchy eye. Also I can't go upstairs without my heart pounding and palpitations. I don't think it's my anxiety as I didn't feel the slightest bit anxious. I'm worried I have an aneurysm. I can't talk to anyone about my worries as they don't take me seriously. Also the Dr only really checked my heart. There's alot more than just the heart to check!!

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