which is better options cbt or hypnotherapy---any positive feedback?

im suffering from depression , extreme anxiety and panic attack for quite sometime now...Im scared of everything, im scared to watch tv, sleep eat... does anyone have a problem like mine...how do you deal with it...tried medication, psychiatry...nothing works..

im feeling low and tired all the time....im always anxious about my health... please help..

has anyone tried hynotherapy or cbt...any positive feedback?


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  • Mariae I'm so sorry you are suffering and I know what its like to be in that state I tried hypnotherapy years ago when I was first left alone and it did help. The therapist needs to be understanding and genuine. It helped me through a bad time, also I found counsellor who was so kind and understanding and I could pour out my troubles freely, this also helped a lot. keep your chin up, you are not alone. Big Hug from cotonroad

  • HI cotonroad thanks----have you also gone through the same experience like mine----does hypnotherapy really works permanently --- how does it work can you tell me...im willing to try anything

  • Hhi i was just woudering if uve ever red a book on anxiety and depression? I was just thinkingof it because i red a book called at last a life and it really made me think differently. My tablets helped me when i was at my worst but after reading that book my atitude changed. The person that wrote the book had suffered it his self for ten yrs and hes got his own blog called anxietynomore. Its just a thought xxx

  • thanks donof

  • In my opinion cbt is the better of the two because you learn how to handle your fears yourself, it gives you the power, whilst hypnotherapy can be very helpful it is dependent upon another person to reach your subconcious....however it might help you to have hypnotherapy CDs or downloads to calm you as well as cbt training.

    Personally find cbt particularly helpful in changing negative thoughts but hypnosis CDs also very helpful for sleep problems

    So you see there is room for both! Whatever you choose perhaps you can begin to see that fear breeds fear and one of the things you can do yourself is to remember that there is nothing more, the fear you feel, however intense and terrifying is all there is,

    I hope you will find a therapy that suits you...don't forget exercise, one ttherapy that often gets forgotten but which can be really effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression...it may sound unlikely but just taking a brisk walk can make a really positive difference, whatever the weather!

    Warm wishes...Babushka

  • I'm very sorry to this. Back in September I tried Prozac which did not agree with me at all. My anxiety was that bad that I was bed bound. I was scared to just leave my room and I was housebound for 2 months. I got off of that and now on Mirtazapine. I also go CBT, which is very helpful. It will get better, but it takes time and hard work. You just have to keep thinking.. it's just anxiety. It can't hurt me. And try taking little steps at a time. I've now managed to get back to the gym and go in to shops. Distraction is key too, and changing the negative thinking to positive. It will get better, you just need to put that work in. Meditation helps me too. I still have a way to go, but getting there. CBT has helped me a lot, it changes your way of thinking.

  • thank you all for ur answers

  • I have only used CBT. I found it really did help me see that i CAN control what is happening. All right there are times it creaps up on you when your not expecting it, but i have now learnt to calm myself and try to use logic.

    I had a constant fear of dying and the CBT taught me to realise whatever was happening, as scary as it was, i' m more than likely NOT going to die from it. And if someone else was flipping out what would i say to them to help them.

    Sounds simple when i'm explaining it but thats anxiety for you.

  • ive had cbt and really didnt find it helpful. people were telling me things i already knew and couldnt fix. i think that you really need to have a good connection with your therapist too as i didnt.

  • Getting the right counsellor or therapist is crucial for our problems. If you do not feel comfortable with one, change them. CBT is very good and helps to pinpoint the way to go when anxiety hits you.

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