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Scared Of Stomach Cancer

Reasonally, I've been worried about having stomach cancer. I keep getting mild heartburn and keep on burping. I thought I had a poor appetitie but i think that was because I was stressed. But now I'm afraid it is stomach cancer. Is it or not? But cant it be my anxiety cos too much stress can make u believe u have a condition and it just gives u the symptoms overall doesn't it? Pls help. Really terrified right now. I've told people but they've told me it wont be. But I still keep worrying

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Bethany133, we are not doctors but setting up an appointment with your own doctor or a GI doctor would give you the answer w/o guessing. To stay in the state of worry you are in is making anxiety build every day.

Yes, it could be anxiety/stress causing your symptoms. After all, when we are scared, we tend to swallow more air making us burp more as well as being nervous causes more acidity in our stomach which can cause the mild heartburn. You really don't want to second guess with stomach issues. Why suffer needlessly. Set up an appointment soon with your doctor and please keep us updated. You will be okay.... xx


Sounds like you have GERD, not stomach cancer.


I went through the same thing several weeks ago. Turned out to be GERD and reflux.

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You have heartburn or gerd why would that be stomach cancer?im pretty sure u would have more symptoms for that ,relax and take some gaviscon x


Could be acid reflux. I had that in my teenage years (now 20) and just got used to taking gaviscon and ritidine and now it’s settled. Haven’t had problems for a couple years now


Stop over thinking, don't self diagnose yourself..Stop negative thinking. Stress causes acid indigestion.. not a sign of stomach cancer. Talk to yourself and say, I am over thinking, I don't have stomach cancer. The rule is what you fear does not happen.


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