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Gastritis or stomach cancer???

I'm 17 and rly scared I'm having stomach cancer:( it doesn't run in the family and I'm a hypochondriac so I could be wrong but:(

My mum(she's a nurse) says its gastritis but idk. Symptoms: Hunger pain, worse when lying down, discomfort (all located in the upper abdomen) it also hurts when touching the area. I don't have reflux which is something u have when u have gastritis :c

It gets worse when lying down and in the morning.

Yesterday it was gone for the whole day.

I do take medicine for gastritis but it doesn't seem to help(4th day) :cccc I'm so scared

(I'm having anxiety)

Any tips? Anyone whove had the same?? Any gastritis experience??

(I rly don't wanna go through a gastroscopy)

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It was gastritis that started all my anxiety. I was vomiting up bile, so nauseous I thought my stomach was going to pop, was lightheaded, pain in my stomach and abdomen area, pain in my liver area, had to lay down all the time to feel better on my back. I started taking Acimax and within hours all my symptoms started to fade except the lightheadedness and weird feelings which is anxiety. Hope that helps? Stay strong x



With anxiety so many of us get upset stomachs and what better to have a Mum who is a nurse who will have your best interests at heart and I am sure if she thought for one minute it was stomach cancer she would be taking you to the hospital herself !

It does sound like you have Health Anxiety and I think maybe talking to your Mum and getting you some support would be the best way to go :-)

I would be reassured from your Mum that you have nothing major health wise to worry about :-)

Take Care x

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Anxiety and the stomach go hand in hand! Trust me! Have you been to a GI doctor? Is there anything you eat or drink which causes it to get worse? I know its hard but hang in there, and if it keeps bothering you that much ask for a full checkup! Best wishes to you love.


I had the same thing 3 years ago, sounds like gastritis to me. I took pepcid everyday for a month and it got better. Make sure you avoid acidic and greasy foods too as they can trigger some pain. It gets worse in the mornings because you're probably stressed out at night, and it also gets worse because you're horizontal and the acid can move around. One thing that helped me a little was propping up my bed a little bit so I was sleeping on an angle.

Anyway, don't worry about cancer, I know it can be scary, I was worried about it too, but it was nothing. Also don't be scared of a gastroscopy, its really really painless and easy, but to me it sounds like you have gastritis so nothing to worry about at all. Take your medicine for a while, and it should get better, if it doesn't then see your doc again, but I think you will be fine just like I was! Goodluck


Hello zadie my problems with anxiety started with my stomache area which doctor said I had acid reflux x but now after 3 month's tge acids reflyx if I had it is alit better but this anxiety which I'm left with us tge problem now x I'm going to anxiety clinic as a group clinic which us helping me know I'm not along on this problem x also git a appointment fir one 2 one anxiety clinic as well soon x I just keep telling my self my brain needs to stop giving out these signals of negative stuff x and I need to re programme myself fir posative things I need and want to do x you have one life and we all need to try and put our best foot forward and fight this anxiety problem x won't let it beat me x hopefully x goid luck zadie x


Hi I had gallstones they were terrible and my doctor and the hospital asked me if I had acid reflux aswell but I never had any thing like that, so don't worry your mam is right a good stomach tablet is what you need the only thing that helped me was nexium hope you feel better soon


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