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24/7 lightheadedness/off balance

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Hi everyone(again)

Okay so as most of you know I’ve had this severe bout of anxiety for over 8 months now(had anxiety on and off my whole life but sometimes manageable and live a normal life.

This time round my symptoms are the classic surges of adrenaline through body, racing/skipping heart/thuds etc etc.

These I can manage and have learnt to now over the years.

The only symptom which currently leaves me housebound and sometimes bed bound is the 24/7 lightheadedness/faint and off balance feeling.its totally destroyed my life.its absolutely debilitating and I can’t stand for any amount of time until I have to sit down.even sat down I get waves and surges of it and this doesn’t go away at all throughout the day.

To be honest I’m severely depressed now because of this and I don’t know what to do.

If it went away I could definitely manage everything else and be able to leave the house etc but with this symptom it’s impossible.

Sorry for the long post I’m just fed up and angry and my children need a mummy and my partner needs me back.i cry all day and pray but nothing ever changes.i just want it to go away.

Do anyone know of any meds or herbal remedies or just anything that may help me?

Thank you for reading x

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That sounds very unpleasant. Can I ask how it relates to your anxiety? Is it that you're anxious about standing with these symptoms in case you faint and fall down? Is it that you get anxious, which brings on the lightheadedness, and then it's difficult standing because you're off-balance?

I hope this doesn't sound as though I think you're being silly about it. It's not meant that way, it's just that I find it's important to work out exactly what I'm anxious about. Sometimes it's obvious, but sometimes I feel panicky and don't know why. I feel as though there are so many things that could go wrong, but when I try to make a list, there isn't really anything!

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Minnie87 in reply to Damian

To be honest I’m not sure what comes first anymore.its just become my life and I’m at my wits end and feel like I’m the only person in the world that feels this way.

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Damian in reply to Minnie87

Do you think it would help if you could work out what you're anxious about besides the lightheadedness? Once you can see what is actually bothering you, you might be able to see more of a way through.

You're certainly not the only person in the world who feels like that, anxiety is really common, and it's common to get physical symptoms with it.

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Minnie87 in reply to Damian

Yes I totally agree.looking back it’s come on slowly and gradually through stressful times.

And I think the more I focus on it the worse it gets.then it’s a viscous cycle.

But getting out of it seems impossible!

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Damian in reply to Minnie87

Could you make a list of things you're anxious about? Just have a piece of paper, and whenever something new comes along, add it to the list. I've done that sort of thing to fight the sense that "something" is going to go wrong but I don't know what.

Another thing I've done is keep a diary and write down how anxious I am at any particular time. This is because I've noticed that when I go through an anxious period, I have the idea I'm anxious all the time. In fact I find it's not always like that. I'm often anxious for a few hours, then not so bad for a while, and so on. Keeping a diary helps me focus on moving on, and helps me avoid getting anxious about being anxious all the time!

Sorry you’re having a having a hard time right now. Have u been to a ENT for the off balance feeling? What have your doctor said about it? Am praying u start feeling better soon sending u a hug 🤗

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Minnie87 in reply to tamka38

Thank you so much for your lovely reply.

The doctor and hospital(I went because I couldn’t cope) has said it’s stress and anxiety x

Sounds like you’re describing my symptoms. Been this way since Jan 2017. I use the Dare app for the anxiety and panic attack aspects.

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Minnie87 in reply to Julie_z

Thank you for your reply.i will def have a look into the dare app for sure x

I experience the same thing. I can’t go to the store or anywhere without feeling like I’m going to faint. My vision is always a mess and my head just never feels right.

Just recently it all got extremely worse, I was even getting dizzy when laying down and I learned I have some fluid behind my ears and was having vertigo. But that’s completely different then the anxiety dizziness.

Anxiety sucks.

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Minnie87 in reply to DisneyMom3

Oh yes it really does.

Isn’t it just the most debilitating thing.

I get a floaty sinking swaying feeling and when I lay down too.

It’s horrid.

I hope you recover from yours ASAP.no one deserves to live like this x

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DisneyMom3 in reply to Minnie87

Have you had your ears looked out?

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Lucydmnd in reply to Minnie87

I got the sinking lying down feeling omg

No they haven’t actually.

But my doctor says it’s all anxiety.im just not sure if it’s possible to feel this bad 24/7 just from anxiety! X

I have been through anxiety myself and I know how debilitating it can be. There are resources that can help you, have you thought of speaking with a counselor. If you are interested I have a resource I could provide to you. One resource I found to be really helpful is here bit.ly/2mFxWoz. You are in my thoughts!

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Minnie87 in reply to Pamela2876

Thank you so much for your message.

I’m currently waiting for CBT therapy so hopefully that will help.

I will definitely have a look at the link you sent me.thank you for that x

in reply to Minnie87

Did you ever start your meds?

Same to me am dizzy and off balance 24/7 it's 4 years now still feeling like that I have tried everything

Hi Minnie darling! I'm so sorry your feeling poorly. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but the only thing I can say is that I'm feeling them too. You're not alone.

This is exactly what I said to my boyfriend, if my head symptoms went away I’d deal with the rest!!

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Minnie87 in reply to Lucydmnd

Yes!!i get heart palpitations and skips etc but I could live and have a normal life with those.its just this lightheaded heavy head feeling that’s awful.even sat on the sofa it’s there.

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Lucydmnd in reply to Minnie87

It’s like my mind spins around and blacks out but doesnt

Hello minnie87 I’m sorry ur going through this but I felt like u just described me and this has been me for over a year now i have my good days a couple throughout the week and then I’m back to where I started I feel like if I didn’t have the constant 24/7 dizziness and off balance I could deal with my anxiety a lot better it’s so hard to as I have kids myself and I know exactly what ur going through I do have vertigo on top of severe anxiety and idk I just refuse to believe my anxiety can make me feel this horrible sometimes it can be worse at night like a sinking type feeling it’s absolutely horrible and I hope my symptoms subside soon I hope u are feeling better

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Minnie87 in reply to Stephanie89


Thank you for your reply you sound exactly like me!

It’s so hard to live with isn’t it.

People say “just go out and get distracted” but it’s so so hard when you feel like you will faint 24/7!

Do you think it has to do with being a mum etc?

So many people I have spoken to have said they have had it since the birth of their child etc x

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Stephanie89 in reply to Minnie87

I know rhis might sound horrible but it some way it gives me relief I really felt like I was going Crazy my whole family tells me to get out and do stuff that I will feel betttwe but they don’t get how horrible the dizziness is and debilitating it is to

Have ur symptoms gotten any better Idk if had to do with being a mom or being exhausted and anxiety I just would feel so much better if it went away

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Minnie87 in reply to Stephanie89

My name is actually Stephanie too!

How odd!i totally agree.i think the stress of being a mum does definitely play a part.it did for me anyway.mine actually started after my first labour which was really traumatic.

People that say about pulling yourself together just have no idea.my family are at their wits end too.i just wish they could experience it for one day! X

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Stephanie89 in reply to Minnie87

That’s is crazy what a small world :)

Yes I think it has a role in that as well as everyday stresses to I think maybe our body is so stressed it doesn’t know how to respond

But it’s made it very difficult for my family they think it’s like a light bulb turn it on and off I wish it was that easy but I tell them I to live a day a my shoes so they could understand how awful I feel and how it stops me from doing so much in life I just wish this would go away

hi love ! these symptoms you’re having are the exact ones i’m having so i understand your struggle and worry.

I wish i could give us a magic way to ease all these symptoms but i’m clueless myself, but i hope me saying i relate gives you some ease , because it definitely has brought some of my worry down.

But try keep your mind busy , sending love to you and your family 😊

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Minnie87 in reply to amyty19

Hiya!thank you so much for your reply.its so so nice to know I’m not alone.

I know there are so many people like us.do you live a relatively normal life with it? X

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amyty19 in reply to Minnie87

if i’m honest , it gets in the way of everything and gives me struggles daily ,i’ve had these symptoms since january this year , they’re constantly there but sometimes worse than others.

I’m hoping i’ll come across something to help me because i just wanna be ‘normal’ again

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Minnie87 in reply to amyty19

Same hun!

It’s so so hellish isn’t it.

Have you read any books to help?

Don’t know if you have heard of Claire weeks? X

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amyty19 in reply to Minnie87

it really is ☹️ i’ve heard of her and her books but i’ve never gave them a read , are they worth a look? x

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Agora1 in reply to amyty19

Absolutely amyty19, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

She was the first to believe in that concept of Acceptance. :) xx

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amyty19 in reply to Agora1

well thankyou, i’ll give it a try xx

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Minnie87 in reply to amyty19

Agora is totally right!

Infact it was jeff and agora that told me to buy the book in the first place! Xxx

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amyty19 in reply to Minnie87

i’ll definitely have a look around 😊👍🏼xxx

What medications have you tried? Are you on any now?

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Minnie87 in reply to Ragdoll15

I’m on propranolol for my palpitations and skips.but doesn’t do anything at all for the lightheadedness.

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