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Dealing with 24/7 Anxiety


I’m new to this group but just wanted to say that I have dealt with anxiety for about 8 years now. Felt cured for the last 2 years or so through medication and therapy.

A recent life changing decision occurred where I had to move back to Montana from Denver, find new work, and figure out my living situation. Had to do a 13 hour drive while having anxiety the entire time (probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done).

I’ve now had residual anxiety for 3 days in a row now and feel there is no hope. It’s even more frustrating because I’ve gotten through this before, and even though I have.. I can’t convince myself to not have these scary thoughts, worry, it’ll never pass, I’m alone, random suicide thoughts (even though I would never in a million years go through with it, still scares me that their there).

If anybody out there wants to talk, or express their anxiety issues in anyway. I’m here and would like to see how maybe somebody got through their own issues. Thank you to anybody who read this.

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I too have been through this enough and have gotten through it enough and as I'm back in the spiral again it's so discouraging that I can't talk myself through it or convince myself that I can get through this again. However, I can manage to convince myself of all the worse case scenarios again and scare myself over the things that once berfore I could dismiss and keep it moving.

Like you said, it's 24/7 anxiety of either bad thoughts or physical symptoms. I haven't given any medications a chance yet. I once tried it 2 years back and gave it up and never wanted to try meds again. So now I'm worried and thinking what if Im hurting my process more by not taking meds. But I am trying so hard to do this without meds. I do go to therapy.

I wish us the best..

Don’t be afraid of medicine. I used to never want to take medication because i just wanted to be normal without the need of meds. You can always try other meds too, I finally gave in and started taking it and it took me 4 different tries with medication before I found the one that worked for me (Effexor). Couldn’t picture myself without it today. Also the other thing that I felt that helped me the best too, was learning “mindfulness”. Separating myself from my worry thoughts, knowing they hold no weight and mean nothing. Hopefully we both see the light at the end of tunnel.. I’m here if you need to talk as well

Hi Jb_lnk,

having anxiety with the current circumstances sounds about right to me. Moving, looking for work, new job, all extremely stressful!

You'll recover again. Just let your nervous system be sensitized for now and accept it for what it is. Accept, accept... and It'll completely recover, all on its own, in good time. If you'd like, take a look at the resources I list on my profile. I am especially fond of Dr. Weekes' audios. Best wishes and keeping you in my thoughts :)

Sorry that you are suffering from anxiety. Have you considered taking any medication? I had genetic testing done by a company called Genomind. The test results helped me find the right medication to take. I was getting too many adverse effects from different medicines that my liver couldn't process very well. I over analyze too much, and my body holds too much tension which results in pain.

I am so sorry you are going through this! Anxiety is such a difficult thing to deal with. Have you thought about seeking professional help? Seeing a therapist or a doctor can really help with finding the root of the situation or coming up with a way to help you through what you are going through. Also, your life is precious! I hope these thoughts leave your mind and that you find peace. I hope everything gets better.

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