Back pain, nausea and lightheadedness

I'm sick of this back pain as I have been going to physio yet it's not helping but the doctor thinks it's muscular. I don't know what to think I'm at my whits end. The lightheadedness is getting to me along with the nausea yet the doctor says go home and just take panadol. I'm so over this anxiety it's really now affecting my life and I dint want to drive as I was having panic attacks :( I don't know what to do anymore :(


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  • Hi Anxious2befree I know how you feel I am having a panic atacks for two days of and on for pain. I had a panic atack couple of months ago and I also have back pain lightheaded and nousia I went and done all kind of test eaven colonoscopy and erything was fine and I realized that from my anxiety than was very bad I ecspirience sometimes diarhia and sometimes constipation and that was the reason of the bad back pain its called irritable bowel sindrom and now every time I had bad Anxiety atack I get that back. So what I want to say is that what your simptoms are now are probably from anxiety its so strange what can do to our body.

  • Thank you it's reassuring when others have similar symptoms and experiences X

  • Hi there I was also going to mention IBS I suffer from this. Long term stress and anxiety can have a major affect on our bodies - this then leads to further anxiety. What are you doing to manage your anxiety? I've found counselling, meditation, Mindfullness, self help books and breathing techniques helpful x

  • I'm seeing a psychologist which has helped heaps but she is on maternity leave until November so I'm going crazy not seeing her but I don't want to see anyone else as I have been seeing her for 2yrs and she knows me and I am comfortable with her.

  • That must be tough. Can you try some self help books or Mindfullness at home to tide you over? How are you managing your IBS? I take mebeverine I also follow low FODMAP diet to manage symptoms, take a probiotic and digestive enzymes. X

  • Thank you I will give it a go

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